Ultimate PowerCore Buying Guide (Mid-2019)



Its a good idea… by once I change my username, if i still have the old name tagged in the description, what happens if my old username is used by someone else…in my case, it is actually taken up by someone else… my old ID was @cshenoy (if @cshenoy can reply) and my current username is @Shenoy … i will be keeping someone else’s ID on my profile description.


Good Guide! Thnx for Share! My next Step will be PowerCore+ 19000 PD


You know me too well :laughing:


By the way that link to your YouTube channel on your profile isn’t working. Since I’m subbed it doesn’t matter for me, but others won’t be able to follow it :confused:


Should be fixed now. I transferred my channel over to a new brand account, so it looks like I can’t claim a new custom URL for a month. For now, the tinyurl will suffice.


It’s still not working for some reason…


Strange… working on my end.


Oh i see. It is working… I was clicking the one in your website slot…


Fixed, as well. Sorry about that.


Nice review. Thanks for the quick rundown!


Lol this update makes it seem like it’s for members of the power user program :joy:.

Also several of the links underneath this category aren’t working…


Yep, PowerCore+ 19000 PD is not available on Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.fr, so they are not linked.


Lol I was confused as well but looking into his profile I realized it was Joshua. At first I thought Anker hired or made a new profile to give info on their devices


That was my first thought, but I knew it couldn’t already be at level 16 :joy:


It’s gonna be a while before we hit that level :joy:


Also I use the power core 20100 think that should been in there :joy:


I absolutely love my PowerCore Speed 20000 PD - take it everywhere with me in my work bag and frequently use it to power/charge my 13" MacBook Pro. definitely worth every penny!!


I thought the same… the name is deceiving too…:joy:


PSA to everyone who is requesting their product to be added to the guide:

Please stop making recommendations for other people solely based on what you have! :rage: Just because you bought it does not mean you made a good decision, let alone that someone else should buy it. Do some research first. :triumph:


Sorry but it is a amazing power bank