PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Haha I only enter in stuff that I want not doing the flash light :+1::+1: I also very much enjoy being apart of this community


lol, let me snipe the flash light then :thumbsup:


Good luck :wink:


Auction this week? Entertainment needed lol!


@ankerofficial I see I won but I haven’t received an email.


Yay, I won! It’s been a long time since last time. When should I expect an email?


What item would you like to see auctioned?




That would be a great item. I was thinking about the Flare+ :joy:


Well those 2 would get me going all in, esp as I have neither.


Congratulations my friend. Hope you are feeling better too


I would like to see Rave on Auction block :grin:


Seems, I can leave on Friday
All has been checked. Perfect.


Just received my winners email!

I hope you all get one too!!


That powerdrive 2 alloy


It’s a fairly inexpensive item, so it wouldn’t cost too many $$$


I don’t mind anything good tbh


My point was you would get a good price on it :wink:


Yes I know!


Agreed lolol :joy: