[New Release] PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) | Anker’s First Charger with PowerIQ 3.0!

Why do Anker make so many errors on their websites?

  • Anker makes mistakes deliberately to keep us on our toes
  • Anker hires dumb people
  • Anker hires clever people then over-work them to cause errors
  • Aliens are taking over the world and their first wave of attack are Anker website errors.
  • Zombies, because.

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It has been fixed, thanks for the heads-up.


Wow what was fast.

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Thanks for sharing @joshuad11 :clap:t2::+1:t2:

I don’t wanna get drawn too deep into the convo about posting first/merging/closing threads but I just wanna say there are valid points on both sides and I honestly don’t envy any of the work contributors / mods do on the forum - any trying to get a balance must be a nightmare. But please all keep up the great work yous all do :muscle:t2:


I agree, it’s not easy to contribute to multiple forums.

I see they have corrected the year for PowerIQ 2.0

Still have max output at 24W, though. Even though the most they’ve ever done is 19.5

Huh? Which giveaway was this?


Congratulations @professor !!!

I remember Anker had a pop-up promotion on Anker Website for one of these PowerPort Atom III, may be 2-3 months ago, apart from it, the other giveaway I can think of is this but the prize is PowerCore 10000 PD

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Well well well. You finally get to test it :joy:

But I am in the process of moving house and the slow delivery in August won’t work. I gave a UK address, hope it gets there and a UK version. I just checked Amazon UK and they don’t sell this yet.


There is also confusion what it is actually. I know of the Atom III , Powerport+ Atom III , but what is a Powerport Atom III (2 ports)? Too many products, too confusing names. Have to get microscope out to read small print of what you’re actually getting.

Is it this

or this

Observer Powerport vs Powerport+

Anker really is trying to confuse the most number of people with the product range and names…

I am sure, Anker will be kind enough to deliver to your new address, do send a DM to Ankerofficial (which I am sure you may have done already) :+1:

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Congratulations, @professor!

I believe it was from this campaign: https://www.anker.com/poweriq3

Hope it all works out for you, and Anker may have renamed PowerPort+ Atom III to PowerPort Atom III (2 Ports).

I think it is this that you’re getting.

If I give a UK address, will I get the UK version? I am in the process of moving USA to UK and in a “no fixed abode” for 2 months. I’m touring across USA and have Amazon locker for send-ahead and I submitted a UK address of someone who can sign for it as the safest option.

Amazon UK is not showing it for sale!


You’re moving to the UK? If you don’t get the U.K. version you can always send it to @Insider or @Tank or something…

I would suggest to get this resolved with @AnkerOfficial, they can give you a better option :wink:

Community here is always a fallback option :blush: and you can have it delivered to members @TechMan mentioned

I would definitely message @AnkerOfficial to see what version it is you’ll be getting.

If its USA version I’ll probably gift it to someone in USA… I’m relocating to UK late August.


Sometimes a prize shows up and you really don’t know what competition it was.
Enjoy it!

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Does it matter?

As they were USA only, you’ll HAVE to give a USA address.