[NEW INFO] Say Hello to eufy's First Robotic Vacuums with Mapping and Mopping!

I am really suspicious that ANY of these mopers work properly.
But of course we shouldn’t judge before using. Let’s see!

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RoboVac (L70 and L70 Hybrid) uses Laser technology to navigate when cleaning. LDS Lidar on RoboVac rotates at a speed of 6 rv/s to scan its surroundings accurately measured by using the reflected laser from obstacles.

RoboVac includes support for FIVE different suction power levels: BoostIQ™, Quiet, Standard, Turbo, and Max.

RoboVac G10 Hybrid, L70, and L70 Hybrid are all expected to launch between now and September.

And they all have mapping features right :smiley:. Nope…

Two of the three of them do! That’s exciting if you ask me. :grin:

Yes, it is exiting. But they should all have mapping… Along with every other vacuum eufy releases from now on

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I would love to test the mopper.
I am very suspicious about this “feature”.

I will do “mobbing” (German bullying) when it is not working properly. :grinning:

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RoboVac L70 Hybrid has been registered with the FCC!

RoboVac L70 Hybrid is expected to cost $549.99 when it launches later this summer (July, August, or September).

Hi all and sorry if this questions have been already answered:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

A while ago i noticed a thread by @Insider which arouses my interest and let me notice the first time of the G and L series of RoboVac. I am very into and informed about the vacuum cleaner market since over a year and frequently check whats up to date and afforable. And as the older series (in my eyes) never have been competitive on the market in my opinion, as too expensive and with outdaded (oldschool) features compared with others (bad price-performance ratio), the L-series, to be exact: L70 (not hybrid!) could be the first RoboVac i could be interested in severel of them. :+1:

You maybe wanna read Three New RoboVacs Coming Soon: 30C Max, G30, and G35! (direct link to my posting) to get some background knowledge why i am saying this.

So when it comes to the L70 (not hybrid!) i would have some first questions:

  1. Will the L70 be available at the lastest at BlackFriday?!
  2. Why does the L70 only have one side brush and not two?! (two is better and up to date)
  3. Why does the L70 dust case is still on the back and not removable from the top?! (which is up to date and standard in the meanhwile and much mire comfortable and easier to clean - see screenshot)
  4. I know that the L70 will not have multi-floor mapping from the start. How realistic is it that this will be added by a future firmware update?!
  5. Does the charging station will have cable-management? (see screenshot)

Thanks for answering! :kissing_heart:



How? All I said is that I couldn’t confirm it will.

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OK, then its a misundertanding. I read it like it won’t have it for sure.
You could learn german bro, than it would be easier for me to understand you :rofl:

“I couldn’t confirm” in german could also mean something like “I have checked it back and asked someone who should know and he denied it and therefore i can’t confirm that multi-floor-mapping is avalable from start of the L70”

Everthing is good, nothing happened, noone died. Maybe @AnkerOfficial could confirm for sure if MULTI-FLOOR-MAPPING will be supported and available from release of the L-Series!?



Eufy has released RoboVac L70 Hybrid. Learn more here!


Edit: I don’t know what I thought I just read, but it wasn’t what you posted :joy:

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