[NEW INFO] Say Hello to eufy's First Robotic Vacuums with Mapping and Mopping!


RoboVac (L70 and L70 Hybrid) uses Laser technology to navigate when cleaning. LDS Lidar on RoboVac rotates at a speed of 6 rv/s to scan its surroundings accurately measured by using the reflected laser from obstacles.

RoboVac includes support for FIVE different suction power levels: BoostIQ™, Quiet, Standard, Turbo, and Max.

RoboVac G10 Hybrid, L70, and L70 Hybrid are all expected to launch between now and September.


I previously reported on three new RoboVac models coming soon: G10 Hybrid, L70, and L70 Hybrid. We now now much more about these upcoming releases. Read on to learn more!

Eufy is finally preparing to release its first RoboVacs with intelligent navigation! :tada: :confetti_ball:

RoboVac L70 Hybrid
High-specification model that uses RoboVac’s first SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and can also be mapped

Features & details

  • Equipped with iPath™ navigation to efficiently clean up every corner of the room
  • AI Map™ technology allows you to create a map in real time and set a no entry area, a strong cleaning area and a mop prohibition area.
  • Equipped with a mop mode that can adjust the amount of water


  • Size: 355 * 355 * 105 mm
  • Suction Power: 2200 Pa
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 450 ml
  • Cleaning Time: Up to 150 Minutes
  • Charging Time: About 300-360 Minutes

Note: RoboVac L70 (non-hybrid) will not be equipped with a mop mode.

RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Smart dynamic navigation adopted 2-in-1 model equipped with mop mode

Features & details

  • Equipped with a gyro sensor and an acceleration sensor, clean the room firmly as it fills the room while following a parallel route
  • With the 2000 Pa suction power and mop mode, both suction cleaning and water wiping are possible.
  • Schedule setting for each day of the week and confirmation of cleaning history can be done through the app


  • Size: 325 * 325 * 72 mm
  • Suction Power: 2000 Pa
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 450 ml
  • Cleaning Time: Up to 100 Minutes
  • Charging Time: About 300-360 Minutes

Expect all three new RoboVac models to be available on Amazon this summer (L70 Hybrid ≈ $548, G10 Hybrid ≈ $248, L70 ≈ $?).

What are your thoughts on eufy’s first robotic vacuums with mapping? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


I have said it in another thread:
I do really hope that EUFY will not lose the overview reagrding such a lot of different models.
All no mapping feature, too bad.

I don’t need such mapping, but its the state of the art nowadays.


Yay, more RoboVac’s… :confused: …it’s almost going to be as confusing as the charging lineup…if they keep on this route a comparison chart really needs to be worked on for prospective buyers…

As for Hybrid, mop seems most likely as a few other dual vacuum / mop unit describe themselves as ‘hybrids’ also…


If it is really a vacuum/mop, I must say, I have read much negative about
these hermaphrodites.
The mop function is never satisfying.
A dried dirt spot it will never be removed properly.

Image the robot sticks somewhere and it will loose water, like a puppy.
Drop, drop, drop… :joy:


Nope they won’t. Ankertechnical said that a release of a Mapping vaccum is “unconfirmed”.

Having so many new models is silly. Really silly.


Nice to see, again confusing with so many models. Really interested in what Hybrid mean here :thinking:

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I think @joshuad11 is correct about it mopping. A bunch of us talked about it in January (I think).

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Great to see a confusing lineup. Why do these names have a prefix?

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Perhaps in an attempt to make the lineup less confusing.

Hope this “L” doesn’t mean “laundry” :joy:

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I agree, I’m always confused with the robovacs…

thanks for sharing @joshuad11 where do you get all this info?

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There. Again totally accessible to the public.

Seems like they skipped a few letters while naming the robovacs.

I’ll take one though, for free :laughing:

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Okay, there are too many models now…

Do like 4 or 5 different models total, with actual different features and be done with it.

There are 8, yes 8 models on Eufy’s website right now. :scream:


Updated original post with new information.

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Thank you for always keeping us updated :thumbsup: I’m glad they finally listened and decided to add intelligent navigation to the robovacs


Thanks @Insider Josh for the update, im really interested in the moping function as it would allow me to use it on the hardwood floors and still.have it vacuum the rugs in certain areas of the house.
Most rooms are hardwood except the bedrooms and front office.

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I am not sure this will work.
The moper will not remove the real dried spots on hard floor.
(No pressure)
And what will happen if it comes to a unforeseeable standstill somewhere.
“dropping like a puppy”???


Well there are already robo mops that do a good job, so lets give Eufy a chance before we judge them and say it wont work