Level Up Party!

I still have a decent way to go until level 10 :wink:

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I think everyone will be happy about that :pray:

Well okay… I’m curious about your username… why did you choose it?

Whoa! Since your Level 0 just look at it on the bright side, you now have a great chance of winning powerdraws and random giveaways!

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I guess someone secretly hates me :confused:

Why would anyone hate you? You are one of the most liked people here!

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I don’t think so :confused::pensive:

You like this name ? :thinking:
The name was available, so it’s mine. Does this name have any special meaning? :sweat_smile:

Hahah, it’s a fine name. I’m satisfied with mine though :+1:

I always thought you are not here for the points :joy:

Yeah, I really like that name too.
What do you think of this? :zipper_mouth:

its you against you (the former you which you gave up your name) :joy:

some negatives of changing username :frowning:


I have a nice username. :seedling:
Why would anyone come up with the idea to change it ?

So what your saying is you have more than 1 account?

I guess it lets you enter events more than once :confused:. But it’s agaisnt the rules…

This is malpractice… Not fair to members, Anker can track these based on addresses if at all someone wins :grin:

I have no time for all that :rage:[quote=“Tank, post:1391, topic:54363”]
So what your saying is you have more than 1 account?


Share some of that popcorn :grin: