Land a Lucky Number | Are You Fated to Win a Chinese New Year Prize?



Is it not a little bit cynical that 666 is very good in China where it is in other parts of the world the number of the devil.


Just received my prize in the mail today and it was also a red Powercore Fusion, thanks @AnkerOfficial!:grin: This is such perfect timing because we just lost power from the storm in CT but my phone is charged enough to make this post haha


What part of CT are you in?
I'm jealous y'all got yours already, still waiting for mine


Burlington, just 30 min from Hartford. Are you from CT as well?


I'm from Bridgeport, but I live in Vermont now


Not all the prizes are same :grin:


Well, we do have an idiom: 六六大顺 (六means six),which means "everything goes smoothly". :smile:


Good to know you like it! :grin:


D'oh, but what if we all wanted the same thing? That red fusion would have been a killer prize (hehe)


So I got my prize, it's the Eufy Smart plug Mini. While I'm happy, I mean I did win. I think the fusion would have been better. Either way Thanks @AnkerOfficial


Awesome! Super convenient to have a smart switch, especially if you've never owned one before. It's a game changer paired with a smart speaker!


Oh yes, this is gonna power my bedroom light so now I can walk in the room and say "Alexa turn on bedroom light" and no longer have to trip over stuff in try to find the stupid light in the dark. Getting ready to head out to work so I'll try to set it up when I get off


Yeah I use one for my fan and I love it.


Some people are just never happy :joy::joy::tongue:

Only joking, I think in long run though you will get more use from the smart plug. Although it may end up costing you a fortune as you could enjoy it so much you buy more for around the house lol


I was so unlucky :frowning:


Thought I'd share this that's a whole lot of 6's and 8's

Edit: wasn't smart to put my DOB online. thanks


Lucky man!


Same birthday as my dad :ok_hand:


Young dad​:wink:


Thanks Anker for this cool giveaway. :smile::smile:
Happy Chinese New Year