Zolo liberty volume fix!

Good pictures my friend. Don’t worry about the fingers, most of the hands on diy/tech guys (myself included) don’t always have the best hands/fingers through work… :laughing:


thanks for the clear explanation, i now have a working pair of headphones again!


Glad it’s working for you again.
Hopefully @AnkerTechnical and @AnkerOfficial can report this to Zolo so they can work on a fix


Hi elmo,

this is a great guide, thanks for posting it. My buds have just started with the same issue in the left ear. I may give your solution a go depending on what the Zolo support team say…

What tools did you use to disassemble the gold mesh and cloth?

How do you make sure they don’t fall off again when you re-assemble the earbuds?

Thanks in advance,

I use a pair of precision pointed tweezers, the kind you use for delicate parts handling. But realistically you can use anything with a point to get the edge up and then peel it off carefully. I initially did not reinstall the gold mesh back, but after a week I went back and put it back in. The reason being is I sweat a lot and that heled prevent sweat getting inside. I just used a dab of glue on a piece of paper, and using the tweezers to hold the mesh I rolled the edge of the mesh slightly into the glue. It was just enough to get it to hold and not impede sound

Hello Elmo,

What type of glue did you use when you reassembled the headphones?

I used Gorilla super glue, but realistically you can use amy type. Its what I had available and is also waterproof

Thanks for this fix! I was worried that I’d have to send my earbuds back.

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OK!!! Just removed mesh and I found a small black piece of sponge (not cloth). With both removed the volume is back up to normal - I think the glue softens and drips into a ball to block the channel. Now to stick it all back together. A big THANK YOU for coming up with this solution.



Same issue happened with mine - decided to follow the guide by @elmo41683 and found the exact same gunk blocking the holes in both of my earbuds. Gave them a good clean and the volume is crystal clear again.

Separated the cloth from the mesh.

Check out the gunk / grease in there! Seems like it could be a production issue since most of you guys reading this are experiencing the same problem.

Definitely not ear wax. Machine oil? Or maybe the sub-par glue that was supposed to hold the mesh? I don’t know.


Think they should publish this kind of special surgery in the description.

Wow that’s interesting. I wonder what that is?

Hi @elmo41683

Thanks for the tip, cleaned up all the gunk and my earphones sound like new.

But do you have any idea on what type of glue they use for sticking them together ? would be great if i can put my clean ear-piece together.


Probably wouldn’t want to use the same type of glue. A tiny amount of Gorilla super glue applied with a toothpick worked for me.


You can use super glue, put a dab onto a piece of paper and use a toothpick to put a dab or two onto the mesh so it stays in place

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Thanks for sharing! Awesome that people take the time to do this!

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You see “You never stand alone” here. :grin:
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Hi guys,
I’ve managed to get my Zolo Liberty working!!
Take out the tiny shield on the earpiece👂🏻And hey-ho!!
They both work great!!

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Can’t wait to try this, as I’ve started to experience the same issue in the right bud.

A photo would be helpful for all others.
Could you please!:grin: