Zolo Liberty (Upgraded) Issues with MacBook Pro 2017


I received my Zolo Liberty (Upgraded) today and I have used them on my phone with no problems for now. But using them on my 2017 MacBook Pro the left earbud cuts in and out and does some other weird stuff. Ive tried resetting them numerous times with the same problem. I tried searching google for any problems with a MacBook but I wasn’t able to find anything. So I am wondering if anyone has had problems with them using a MacBook and what you did to fix the problem. Or if you just contacted support for a replacement.


I had an issue once using my MacBook, I deleted the Bluetooth profile and just repaired it and I haven’t had an issue since

Have you tried a reset of the Macbook BT module under the BT debug menu?

I had the same issue, different headphones.

I’m starting to think that is either the Macbook or Soundcore itself.