Zolo liberty earbud problem

Happy to hear that customer support was able to troubleshoot and help you remedy your issue. :thumbsup:

I had the liberty and was able to connect the ear buds separately so I could use one at a time, the right connects automatically but the left I had to push and hold them double click and it would show up as it’s own device. I recently bought the liberty+ and I’m having trouble getting the left to connect independently. Does anyone know how to connect the left or if they removed the feature

The right is the main controller on the liberty+ so it cannot be used independently

I understand that but with the liberty you could get them to hook up separately so I could use the right when it died I could charge it and use only the left I’m asking if anyone know how to do it with the liberty+
I assume its possible because its possible with the liberty.

With the liberty the right head phone is the main controller as well so it should be possible unless it was programmed differently

With the liberty it shows up on bluetooth as:
Main- ZOLO Liberty
Secondary- ZOLO Liberty (Slave)


I initially connected my earbuds to my computer to listen to music. Then I wanted to use it as my mic. When I enabled it in Recording Devices the left earbud stopped playing music so I could use it as a mic. I think it sets the right earbud to be the only one to play music as I use it as a mic.

In my computer I can choose from enabling Zolo as headsets or headphones through my sound menu. Selecting it as a headset lets me use the mic but disables my left earbud and selecting it as a headphone lets me listen through both earbuds but disables my mic. Does anyone know a solution to this?

I think this is what most of us is experiencing. Interestingly I haven’t noticed it when I connect to my phone.

I have tried all the remedies mentioned so far, including the sucking (yeech) and still my left earbud plays at much lower volume than the right. Why can’t I independently adjust the volumes of the L and R buds, say by using the Zolo Life app?

Have you tried my Fix ? It has worked for many.

I’m using plus since May no issues and using both independently also

Yes I’m using both independently , clear Bluetooth device in handset than take out left earbud if it is turns on fine if not turn it on , now switch on handset Bluetooth and start search on earbud click three times quickly your device should show Zolo Liberty+L connect and you’re ready to go now :+1:

It can be I’m using left standalone

If you’re PC detects Zolo Liberty+L than mic would also work independently but when using both right is the master so only right mic will work

Yes I’m using it with my Pixel 2 XL it shows Zolo Liberty+L for left earbud

Not to be rude but please do not keep posting false information. Sure the unit you have may play both independently, but that is not how these were designed and marketed nor are they sold as such. So please do not tell people it will work both independently when they all do NOT. The one you have may have been different or a combination of two masters due to production, but they are not suppose to be independently operated as such. Enjoy the fact that yours works as such


I have had mine for over a month and a half. I am having zero success with getting mine to consistently work properly. Every time I go to use them, I have to go through some BS sequence for 5-10 minutes before I can get them to work. I regret that I spent money on such a piece of inconsistent low-end technology. I would not recommend this product to anyone. This product has taught me a lesson…always keep your receipt.

@bob_smith_lll sorry for your troubles, but can I ask exactly what issues you are having and which model do you have that your having these issues with?

While I love the isolation, fit, and sound quality of these earbuds (both for listening and for calls), I ran into a snag last night with both Bluetooth pairing and then getting the left earbud to connect with the right (master?) earbud.

Note: This is for Zolo Liberty model Z2001, purchased in December at the local Walmart. (This is not the “plus” model, so not sure if the procedures are the same for that model?)

Bluetooth First
To fix the Bluetooth pairing issue, I followed the reset procedure outlined above:

  1. Put the earbuds back in their charging case for a few moments, then take them out.
  2. Double tap the earbud buttons simultaneously.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and select Zolo Liberty

This managed to get the right side connected to my phone again (yeah!), but the left earbud would NOT pair with the right (Grrr!!!)

This morning, I discovered another step that seemed to fix the issue.

Pairing the Earbuds To Each Other

  1. Place the earbuds back in their charging case for a few moments, then take them out.
  2. With the earbuds in close proximity to each other (a few inches apart is fine), press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for about 8 seconds. The left earbud flashes a pink color briefly.)

After the left one flashes, give it a try. That seems to have fixed the pairing issue for my earbuds - for now at least.

I’m hoping this will not be an ongoing problem as I really do like these wireless earbuds. I’ve tried others, and in this price range, these sound the best to my ears - hands down. I also love how people can hear me clearly on calls with these. Several of the others I’ve tried did poorly in that regard.

Hope this can help someone else with the same struggles. Cheers!


I was having the same problem, and none of these steps worked.

until i realized i hadn’t done step #4 “Turn off liberty until you see the red indicator”

once i did that step in sequence with the rest, both ears hear music.

but what i don’t understand is what did i do to cause this to happen? did i put them in their charging case incorrectly? Do i shut them off first THEN put them in their case or is it better to just put them in their case? and which way gets the best battery life? The first 2 weeks were on once charge. The second time lasted only about 2 hours, were put in their case, and when i tried to use them again, there was only 10% battery left, and this was the last time before the lost left ear sound problem.

any help will be appreciated

I did everything you said to do and still did not work it wont let me hold the headphone button for 8 seconds it will just turn off but sometimes if i keep pressing it and holding it for many times it will turn pink but not blink it will just stay that color and i try turning it off and putting it back in the case and still does not work plz help these are the only headphones i have plz reply as soon a possible