What's the Status of Two-Factor Authentication?

Not a huge deal breaker actually. I just recently switched from Arlo to Eufy. I’ve had Arlo for a total of 5 years. Eufy already is much more superior in almost every facet.

Do you know what Two Factor is? Im not going to allow the only thing between a hacker and the camera feeds in my house be a password. Yes, I use a password generator to make strong passwords, but company databases fet leaked. Especially after the Ring fiasco, two factor is a must.

I know what it is. Well, do what you gotta do :wink:

But you are also right, I am checking with a Eufy senior customer service rep.

2FA now anker.

One would assume that some folks are on the fence from jumping into your products for this very reason. Hence it makes economical sense really.

That and avoid a painful PR clusterf*** when (not if) a security breach occurs.

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

It’s been nearly a year since this post was created and there hasn’t been any updates regarding this. This is clearly a needed, and much wanted, feature by your customers. At this point, I’m can’t help but think that Anker either doesn’t care about 2FA or is forgetting that this thread even exists.

Update your customers on the status of this and when it will be implemented.

Because when a large amount of your users are compromised and have their private video feeds and stored video footage exposed, this will be the first post that explodes.

Don’t wait for that to happen before you do something.

Also, this post has been archived… just in case you guys try to remove this later :slight_smile:


Great for Germany / Canada! When will 2FA be ready for US customers ?!

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And us Brits! Haven’t seen it mentioned in recent app update notes.

Come on now Eufy/Anker, time to make a statement and share a roadmap.

Two factor authentication is a baseline for a security product, not a nice-to-have option.

That’s before we begin discussing the security horror that is flash - as used on your web UI.

Please give us a strong security-centric statement ASAP. This appears to have been ignored long enough

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Bumping this up. What’s the status of this @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical ?

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Just bought these, not delivered yet, 3 outdoor cameras and base. Unfortunately presumed all security cameras would have 2fa after the ring fiasco. Any news? Cancelling if not…

Looks like it’s finally enabled in the US! I just got a prompt today in the Eufy Security app to enable two-factor authentication!

I can also confirm after enabling 2FA, it also prompts me for a code on https://mysecurity.eufylife.com

Any news on when this will be enabled in Australia? @AnkerSupport

I created an account just to post and highlight this topic (again). Last post was over a month ago and it seems some regions have this enabled now. But I am in a non-Eufy region (Netherlands), so hope this can soon become a generic feature @AnkerSupport . Thanks!

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Is it possible to give a status update on this please @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical ?

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTehnical, here’s another user that will be returning/selling/throwing away all the Eufy devices he purchased if 2 factor authentication is not added very soon. Nobody in their right mind would use camera’s with internet connectivity without 2FA. Not having this from the start makes me think Anker is not very trustworthy.

FYI 2 factor just dropped in the UK.

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