What is the PIN number for A7726 keyboard

Thank You Cliff Russell because of your post I was able to pair my keyboard after going through all of the other tries. you saying to type the 000000 zeros onto a seemingly dead keyboard it came to life. thank you.

Everyone, if everything you were told does not work, I found out what worked for me. When it asks you to put in the 0000 pin, It does not mean only to your computers already working keyboard, but both keyboards (if you have two…), so technically what I had to do was type 0000 on my laptop keyboard for the pin, THEN type 0000 and hit enter on the Bluetooth Keyboard. You have to have TWO keyboards in order to connect this keyboard if you experience the problem I had, and to reiterate, I typed the pin with the laptops keyboard first, then hit enter, and then as it sat there loading indefinitely, I typed in the pin of 0000 onto the Bluetooth keyboard and hit enter, and that allowed the keyboard to work…Not a single person online I’ve read from has found/stated this online. If you are getting the option to type in a 8 digit code that’s randomly generated like I did at first, all I can tell you for that problem is to keep powering on and off the wireless keyboard until it ask you to type in a pin; Where you will then hopefully try my advice and even more so help you out! It’s a great keyboard, I may sound aggitated but that’s just because I know this keyboard acting strange is due to Windows being Windows with its updates, any negative feelings found in this writing should be directed at microsoft and not the kayboard manufacturer, as the keyboard is perfectly fine, even after being abused for a year and then not being used for 2 years.

Ja, thats Windoofs. :smiley:
I am so glad I don’t have to use this great, well developed OS anymore.
Of course LINUX has its issues, but it’s free and an open OS. so if there are such ones, one is able to do research and try to fix it.

FINALLY - thank you SO much! This worked for me when nothing else did. You are the best! :slight_smile: