Welcome to the ALL-NEW Anker Community!


Thank toy @AnkerOfficial for changing the font when it is in Dark mode. Looks so much clearer now and I don’t have to highlight the whole screen to be able to see it :+1:


We’ll get to see who’s the farmers now… :joy::joy::joy:


As the saying goes, you cant please everyone. But as long as the majority like it, thats all that matters


The new look community pages are great :grin: just need some items for UK testing - I was looking for a video doorbell, but see its USA only, hopefully more will appear in time :wink:


Who is the white one?


Looks like we’re going to be talking about a lot of new tech so awesome and exciting :grinning::grinning::sunglasses:


We are all diverse from different geos, locations, will match some :smiley: may be its me

this was a generic background / wallpaper i picked from bing search, so nothing specific


The white one is unique!


Due to drought? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilarious :crazy_face:

Overall, I think Anker did a fantastic job of listening to us and improving on the site. There are still some glitches but I’m sure in due time, it’ll all be smoothed out. On a side note, what does Pinned/Unpinned topics mean?


some great updates! Can’t wait to see what else is up your sleeve :cloud_with_lightning:


excited for the emails and hope to get more involved on here!


what wait. Your profile is hidden? How is that possible??

Edit: Never mind… i figured it out :smile:


@AnkerOfficial you sell your products through a distributor in Australia. How bout including Australians in testing. Just send a few extra items to the distributor to send out to people in Oz. Different countries may have different requirements etc. if the country is good enough to sell your products in, surely it’s good enough for testing, give aways, discounts etc. it all can’t be one way.


I love the new look and feel. It works better on my desktop than on my mobile. But I still like it and I find it more useful than the previous versions.

Thanks @AnkerOfficial for investing in the community.


One recommendation I would make is to always keep the Home banner, even in open posts. To go back I have to click “Top” in posts to get back to the main forum page. Maybe there is another way?


This is the banner I would like to see at all times…


I’m loving the new dark mode :sunglasses::clap:


Yes, this @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerTechnical.


Pinned posts appear at the top of the page and on the home page. Unpinned posts are simply ordered by the last reply. A post is pinned if it has the little pin symbol by it (highlighted in the screenshot below).


Thanks for the reply. But I’m still a bit confused. Who pins them and how does pinning work? I mean, can I pin/unpin a post? And what does pinning/unpinning mean? Sorry, I’m just not getting the concept.


Topics can be pinned by mods or the site admins…usually if they are for a new product release/review to give it more exposure or if it is becoming a good conversation piece among members, to name a few…