Welcome to Charging Royalty | Special Edition 24K Gold PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cable Now Available!

Portless Pros

  • Improved water/dust resistance
  • smaller phone or bigger battery
  • smaller bezels / chinless

Portless cons

  • slower charging
  • increased price (Apple will upcharge for a decent wireless charger, especially since it will have data transfer features)
  • presumable worse days transfer speeds
  • presumable fasted battery degradation due to heat from wireless charging
  • angering owners of lightning accessories
  • forcing users into wireless buds (and most likely no longer including free buds)
  • issues caused by wireless charging battery packs (in a sense lower capacity because of a higher inefficiency)

I count 3 pro 7 con

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That’s why it isn’t all models at once. So you can decide. It makes most sense in the smaller models, chinless allows bigger screen.

Heat will require technology answer, it is solvable:

  • heat pump
  • more metal (conduct to the edge)
  • thermal throttling, if does get too hot then slow something.
  • fan cooled wireless charger

Someone will buy it, bragging right, you’d see:

  • a glass back
  • metal outer edge
  • the entire front is screen

If you didnt like it, buy the other model.

Same charger for buds, watch, phone. Charger can use on larger devices which have wired+wireless, you’d see wireless input and output on your iPad. Your new iPad is your new iPhone SE charger.
Cant predict dates but seeing as 2020 ipad + iphone out, it becomes probably 2021.

Possibly November - the iPhone SE Pro with a much better screen and bigger battery for the same price. That’s then only 1 of 4 phones, so alienation won’t happen.

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All of those will bring pretty severe downsides (with the exception of #2).

I don’t think I would go with wireless only. I don’t see how the pros outweigh the cons (yet). One day it is the inevitable future.

Maybe go for the classic 3rd generation rule.

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24k gold. :crazy_face:I don’t thinks it worth though rather get a gold chain or something
Edit: I guess I could where it as a chain :rofl:


Wow! what a beautiful color !!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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That is a nice looking cable.

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I really want to do an unboxing video for this! :grin:


Very exclusive and noble!

I should go back to one of my former jobs. (Garimpeiro! :rofl:)
Next step will be inserting little diamonds in the plugs! :joy:

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Certainly eye catching but not one which would be on my future items to pickup list…$100 for a cable, ouch I’m getting old…

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Give me one, give me one, give me one… :)))
That cable looks fantastic!

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I must say this cable looks very premium


What can I say, er, awesome!
The presentation box and leather case is, er, awesome :slight_smile:
Mainstream at £20, I’m in - not holding my breath!
But perhaps gold effect plugs to reduce the price?

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You may be interested in this one:

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Great Insider
I’ll add it to my watch list, thank-you.

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I thought I read somewhere that the portless iPhone would be one of the higher end models. Did I read that wrong?

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Any of you guys plan on buying this cable?

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Only if there are diamonds added! :joy:


Diamonds would fit better to my watch.
This is the watch I use for DIY! :rofl:

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It is speculation, so the product of logic and guesswork.

My logic is:

  • it’s going to be new phone, as portless causes multiple inside changes. Chinless, screen, glass, metal, is a different phone.
  • initially it would cost more. The port costs little, but the changes initially costs more, so net added cost but later a net cost reduction. I think the main change is a copper heat sink on the battery to the chassis, so from the underside its ceramic, Qi loop, copper heatpump to outside metal chassis, battery.
  • just one model initially to stop the negative reaction “if portless doesn’t suit you, don’t buy it, buy the other with-port model instead.”
  • not a larger phone, as the screen of larger phones cause more rapid power drain, so one of the smaller screen phones.

It is obviously easy to simulate portless today, simply never use the port and see what happens, how long you last. I know plenty who get by for days-weeks portless with wired as backup.

It is then obvious to make a portless prototype and under NDA let some alpha reviewers.

What is not obvious is how well is the feedback. If it’s bad then must be a problem yet to be solved. The only thing I can think of to delay is lack of a good portable wireless charger.