Weekend activities! (old thread reanimated)

Northwest England. Hills are never more than 20 mins away, rain to the north go south (Wales), rain to the south go north (Cumbria, Scotland), rain everywhere - Box Set. I can get to Scotland or London in 2hr30m and then bike or hike from there.

It’s cheap, not too cold. Just need good waterproofs :umbrella:

Those photos on a hike around Ambleside last week.


Awesome pictures… congrats on your move!

We’ve spent a holiday at Ambleside, lovely corner of the world. Windermere and Coniston is great as was Stock Ghyll Force waterfall.
We have also spent a lot of time in the Yorkshire Dales.

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Yorkshire Dales, that was 2 weeks ago

( I know the photo is just in Lancashire but … it was raining when I was in Yorkshire)


Awesome. Great scenery there. I would love to visit sometime.

I have an unlimited data plan, but I seldom use over 8gb. I did the unlimited plan beta test for Verizon so I get it for super cheap. (Cheaper then if I had a limited plan).

Hey everyone :wave:t2:
I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far.
Been out for a local walk today, and that’s all we have planned.
Clear sky’s, a frost on the ground and -1 Celsius.


Today we had great walk at one of those “levadas” ( use Google for further explanations)
Really 24C. Fantastic weather.
We should have enter a tunnel.
What a shame. My 30 Bolder at home in the cupboard.
If using such 90 beast I would be really afraid to blind someone entering from the other side.:roll_eyes:
But those tunnels are quite low.
And I dont like to crawl in like a snake :rofl:
My wife took photos from that trip , which I will publish next week.
Would like to stay here great weather indeed.
But the “Magic Box” is waiting at home I have been told.

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These are great Scenic pics! Congratulations for your move :+1:t2:

Had a rather chilly day trip to Morcambe Bay (0 °C)…haven’t been in years but it’s better than boring day at home (possibly, well it’s an excuse not to decorate)…

The P2 came in handy for some tunes while braving the cold :laughing:


@ndalby Nice Scenic pic plus the Life P2… you should upload it to Soundcore Gallery :ok_hand:t2:

Would love to see some pictures @Chiquinho :+1:t2:

Already have :wink:

This week has been pretty much indoors with cold weather and rains here in Bay area, got a sight of bright light or rather silver lining

Last weekend was much better, peaceful with walk across the lake

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Never been to Morecambe, must visit next time we travel up.
I love these clear chilly days, wrap up warm and look out for a cosy cafe or pub :+1:t2:

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  1. of December
    Sunny day, 24C

    View from the veranda.

Anyone any good at toilet training a stubborn puppy?? Lol

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Oh dear :poop:
Our neighbours are going through the same thing.
Perhaps strap it to a Robovac and drive it to the garden.
Or maybe rig a PowerCore to give it a few volts if it “assumes the position” where it shouldn’t.

Lol tried training her to go on pads but not having it. So now she’s outside but cus it’s so getting cold she doesn’t like it and would rather wait til it’s warm (don’t blame her) lol

But I’m slowly getting there with her :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I guess it’s the same as with kids.
You can’t fast track these things, only encourage and keep on it, good luck!

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Back home, and freezing here I would like to show our little house we rented there.
There will be more photos if you want, if I can steal my wife’s mobile. :grin:
Have to copy these on the laptop.

And this is a view to the leftside.
Getting farmers there!
But the harvest was done this time.

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