We Love Testing | Wait Out The Polar Vortex With Nebula Prizm II

@Pedro_Kwiecinski congrats, look forward to seeing your review. Please include a ton of pictures :grinning:

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@AnkerOfficial you should unpin this now.

Way to be bossy…

Congrats to the winners, enjoy the product!


Sorry… :disappointed:

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Congratulations winners! Looking forward to your reviews.

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Congrats to the 3 winners :tada::clap:t2:

I think the conversation about how active / non active winners are is always gonna be an issue. But c’est la vie, plenty of other opportunities for active members to get their names in the hat for.

(Trying to less negative with snide comments this year lol :yum: - hopefully it can last)


Can’t wait to see your awesome review!:heart_eyes:

congrats to the 3 winners. Please do make sure to post your reviews.

Congratulations Winners! Excellent product to be reviewing!

I understand this is a little late, however I would like to test this out for my Instagram and YouTube channel. Can you send me the product? Just email me and I can send the shipping details unless you already have them. Thanks @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical
I know I saw and read the review from the first tester, but did @Pedro_Kwiecinski and @sgtken ever post their reviews? Because I searched and cant find them

Thank you for interest in testing this product. But unfortunately this has ended time ago. We will have more We Love Testing programs coming out soon, please stay tuned for the information on the community. :grin:

No, we’ve not received their reviews. Per the rules, @sgtken will not be accepted again in any future We Love Testing programs. @Pedro_Kwiecinski has contacted us recently and we’re actively solving this issue for him.

That’s a shame, my sister was asking about this projector and I was trying to direct her to all the reviews so she can read them. She normally takes my word on stuff but for this she’s not listening to me because I have the Mars II and not this one. Well hopefully she can decide based on the ones I sent her

The thieving magpie :smiley: