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I like this too @AnkerOfficial


farmer is mad :rofl:


Farmer is frustrated. :weary:


Not gonna bother, no point.

@AnkerOfficial only want ghosts or newbies with video.

So no point any ACTIVE community members trying.


So which am I? A ghost, or a newbie?




Thats kind of a nifty restriction. Although we trust you it holds you to the T&C that states if you dont supply a review you arent supposed to get more testing options.


The limit seems fair to me


I agree with the limit, it holds people accountable and also i really hope that @ankerofficial has to approve of the reviews before further testing is allowed. This will prevent those who come in and post a quick unboxing and call it a review


What if the restriction could be removed after a certain number of testing events that you have taken place in, and been faithful in your duties?

I mean, this is my third time being chosen, and I’ve proved that I’m going to put in the work, and make an actually review, and that I do it on time.


Also gives others a chance!

Of course not you, but to stop some being greedy n just grabbing everything


I feel the terms and conditions are pretty good :ok_hand: , everyone should get a chance to test and be a fair opinion!


I dont agree with removing the restriction, all it takes is for a person to build up that trust and then ruin it once everyone approves of them. I have seen it before in other forums and i would hate for it to happen here.

Many of us have written countless reviews and have been chossen many times before for these events, you @TechMan seem to be the only one who wants the rules removed. Whats good with yourself that you want to remove this restriction?


I do fully agree with your thoughts and arguments


It’s always worth a shot fella…personally I’m still trying to figure the reasoning behind the baby Flare as when you factor in the cost vs specs, for the small extra in cost the Flare is the better choice :confused:


The point in the mini, is physcological, and profit.

There’s probably a tax reduction if a personal portable speaker is below certain ratings/power etc.

As for testing, I really do give up. Anker made a couple of teasers previously, leading to implication, but all falsities in reality, and purely a lure to keep me here.


You lucky lucky thing


Anker has really turned it up a notch this makes up for the power draw :ok_hand:


My video door bell arrived!!! I love it more than I thought.


Mine arrived as well. I am trying to install it now :sweat_smile: