We Love Testing | PowerPort+ Atom III

Bruh that gif though :joy:

Send to Canada for me to test in the winter pleaseeeee. :)):triumph:

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make a uk one please

Sassy :smirk:

Make it 2 please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to win this please help me get me

@Rayheaton77 looks like you are a new member, welcome to the community. Hope you have already applied to the testing event. Best of luck.

thanks anker for another chance and good luck to everyone

I was gonna enter, but I got the Atom II to test so I will leave this to others. Good luck to all who enter, can’t wait to read some good reviews

Selfless act :thumbsup:

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This looks very… if I can say… SEXY! :slight_smile:

Seems a strange thing to say about a plug‽

To give an erotic sensation to an inanimate object… Isn’t there a word for that?

I was gonna enter, then I remembered I don’t live in America!!! :wink:

Lol. Here in the US the meaning of the word has kinda changed…

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! :thumbsup:

Good luck to everyone who entered on being selected to test! Looking forward to the reviews no matter who’s chosen.

Not sure why some of you are bitter when it comes to your responses. Fill out your application and let the process happen.Do you genuinely want to test the products, or do you just want free stuff?

Best of luck everyone!! Today’s the date for announcement :gift:

I was joking Andrew :sunglasses:

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Congrats to the lucky winners