We Love Testing | PowerPort+ Atom III

I have already submitted my application this morning. Just trying to access it since it came up that site was not coming up.

Just tried, still does not work

Worked eventually.

But I won’t be selected anyway as we both know you are not interested on product feedback, you’re interested in getting your brand noticed by as many possible.

I hope it gets in the hands of someone who has a diverse set of devices to see how well IQ3 does. I have a Lenovo laptop 45W PD, some Huawei proprietary 18W which your PD chargers seem to work at 18W, and OnePlus’s own 18W. I own USB meters and very curious how well this IQ3 works.


I don’t care if that’s what anker wants, anker can have the choice. I just wish they would admit it :rage:


May be it took sometime, works now. Thanks @AnkerOfficial for taking care of it

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@professor ain’t playing around


Bruh that gif though :joy:

Send to Canada for me to test in the winter pleaseeeee. :)):triumph:

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make a uk one please

Sassy :smirk:

Make it 2 please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to win this please help me get me

@Rayheaton77 looks like you are a new member, welcome to the community. Hope you have already applied to the testing event. Best of luck.

thanks anker for another chance and good luck to everyone

I was gonna enter, but I got the Atom II to test so I will leave this to others. Good luck to all who enter, can’t wait to read some good reviews

Selfless act :thumbsup:

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This looks very… if I can say… SEXY! :slight_smile:

Seems a strange thing to say about a plug‽

To give an erotic sensation to an inanimate object… Isn’t there a word for that?

I was gonna enter, then I remembered I don’t live in America!!! :wink:

Lol. Here in the US the meaning of the word has kinda changed…

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! :thumbsup: