We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy



Yep, looks like they won’t announce the winners on here (strange).


Application has hit 1.5k click, 50 user count was definitely met sometime back and chosen testers may already have received emails :smiley:

Now hoping to see the reviews :thumbsup:


May just be annoying entering that many user names… lol


good luck every one :grinning:


Has anyone here been notified that they won?


hi there have the winners all ready been notified?


PowerDrive 2 Alloy is now available to order via Amazon for a cost of $14.99, and should begin shipping on June 9.


@AnkerOfficial, @AnkerTechnical — Have the winners of this event been contacted yet?


@AnkerOfficial can we have list of the winners?


Due to this in the rules [quote]If chosen, the testers will receive a confirmation email to confirm participation[/quote]
I doubt they will list the winners because of privacy reasons. Yes we all know they can block out the email address but that takes too long for a list of 50 winners.


kk well i didn’t win will probs buy on amazon


Or they could just announce the usernames :sweat_smile:


Honestly I doubt any of the regulars were chosen as they would have said something by now


yeah kinda sucks


Not necessarily… perhaps all the testers haven’t been chosen yet?.?.?


Omg i did win holy crap!!!


Boom! Congratulations! Did you just receive the email?


i needed one of these super excited!!!:grinning:


yes cannot wait!!!


All are curios, but lets have some privacy was well.
Not all has the be published. :wink: