We Love Testing | In Conversation with Our Top Reviewers

Thanks for thinking of me! Actually, now that I check, it looks like the survey ended up in my spam folder and I missed it. :disappointed:

But great information from our top reviewers!


I hate coming in-front of the camera, not a video kind of a guy, same with photos with my face on it … but can do the video and photos for regular reviews


You can wear a face mask!


Just like Mark! :joy: @Macgyver15


We love testing is almost entirely a USA thing.

So what if I don’t make videos, so now people can’t write reviews n take pics and share amongst their large insta audience? I might have only 28-33 on insta but a huge chunk of those are groups, large groups, who added me.

But I’m British, so I and all over the pond get ignored

You’ve won more give aways in the 6/7 months you’ve joined than the almost 2 years I’ve been here, of course you don’t see a problem.

I did say it wasn’t about the people, but if you want …

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I understand and agree with you about the testing events and drawings etc.

But this

They didn’t just ignore you in this post because your across the pond smh. You just don’t make YouTube videos…

No, but if they’d spoken to me, they’d know I used to work in TV, behind the camera setting up studios, doing the lighting, sound and editing (altho this was with tape!)

If you heard my voice, you’d know why I don’t do video. I hate it, I sound like a drunk wurzle! lol
Altho when I sing people seem to like it, but I don’t like to listen back to it.

That’s what happens when people are ignored, they have no idea … Altho I have mentioned it previously in chats.

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But that’s not who they were surveying. They were talking to the top video reviewers here on the community.

Lol, everyone hates hearing there voice.

Overall I agree with you, but not in this instance :man_shrugging:


Some of our most senior we love testing reviewers. … Nothing here says just video reviewers.

Back to my original point!


No it doesn’t say video reviewers, but it’s clearly all they were doing.

Btw don’t forget to direct reply or ping me :wink::joy:

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I all ready do :+1::+1::+1:

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Imagine if I did YouTube reviews wearing my Jason mask… I’d certainly stick out from the crowd! :joy:


That was great info from some of our senior reviewers…
lot to learn from you guys… Thanks @AnkerOfficial for bringing this :thumbsup:

I know there are other senior/junior members who contribute a lot to the community as well, we all learn from them as well, even though they are not listed on here, and that doesn’t matter at all whether they are asked for their opinion by @AnkerOfficial, they may be asked again in the near future. .


Nice interview, thanks for sharing!

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Did you check your spam folder? Maybe you got one like @TechnicallyWell did :man_shrugging:

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Like I said, I didn’t get an invite.

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Think it’s aimed more towards those that have been chosen most for the ‘We Love Testing’ events, rather than if they’ve just completed a video review…no doubt someone will come up with a tally of likely candidates based on past event wins…

Snap :laughing:

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:cry: so sad, too bad I guess

We should start competitions!
Who is the real “Wurzel Sepp”

Well done all those that took part in this. I’ve seen some great video’s and content from you all.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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