🥵 UK Red Weather warning

Currently 31.5⁰c indoors (nearly 89⁰f)
Outside? To hot, much too hot.

Been averaging around 29-30C in the office today, plenty of water…but also coffee :grin:

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Thats hot @ndalby :hot_face:
Its great in our office.
We are in the middle of the calibration lab, 20/21⁰c all year round.

Put the heating controller outside in the shade for 30mins.

BBC says

These are definitely not the 40C which were forecasted.

Here in München it will be warm today, but I love it.


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Coffee is perfect.
I use to drink tea in the morning, but now its coffee.
prepared old styled what else.
I remember we had a “coffee thread” here in the past.

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wow crazy to know that but that does make sense. I always forget that the US is quirky using F for temp instead of C. I hope your body adapts quickly then so that you arent struggling in the heat. Do the same changes go about when you have a temperature change towards the cold?

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Wow I hope youre finding ways to stay cool and not push yourself too hard in this heat

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Don’t you worry @ktkundy
When it’s hot I spend as much time at work as possible.
Its cool there and I don’t have to work hard either :sunglasses:


Wow - just had torrential rain and a thunderstorm this morning at work - everyone was watching out the window for each lightening strike! Ground all dried up again now and the sun desperately trying to break through the heavy cloud cover. Still really muggy and hot outside!
Not sure if it’s passing up the country but if it comes any of your ways hopefully you won’t get caught in it!

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Let’s talk about temperatures here in München.

16:00 p.m.

Outside (shadow) it’s now 33C.
Inside the house it’s about 25C
Good, old brick house we have! :grin:

I was taking a look in my sleeping room under the roof : it’s 30C.
Will getting cooler in the night.


Your basement helps.

You are in middle of a continent where the weather temperatures vary more, so houses are built for it - from your steeply sloping roof for heavy snow, to the thick walls and basements for the heat.

UK houses have been built as cheaply as possible and a small and not designed for these conditions.

I expect many Air Conditioning units will be bought before next summer.

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So “I told you so” there were hundreds of power outages, so many that the smaller ones have had to wait to be fixed due to fixing the bigger outages.

We had both types.

They were most common over in the eastern side of England such as Yorkshire. This is a map of today’s outrages in one region.

I have 460Wh of Powercore.

In London it became so hot there’s lots of fires.

Which is one of the scenarios you should be thinking of, and one reason I’m not that sure a Powerhouse is the ideal answer as you just have to run with your emergency overnight bag, which should contain a Anker 26800 Powercore, or similar.

Chez Geek was fine, no incidents but it did get to 81F in the house today.

The heat is heading into northern Europe now. Hopefully they have their charged Powercore and Bolder flashlights charged and packed, just in case.

And it’s not how much you need, or probability you need, but your neighbours, friends, family, who may need help.

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