UK 27% Off PowerPort III 20w PIQ 3.0 Amazon Limited Time Deal

27% off brings this dinky new iPhone compatible charger down to a bargain £10.99!


Another charger for our friends in the UK!

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But how many chargers do people need! :rofl:


Indeed Paul.
We have the family charger and I was gifted such a little Nano.
Thats all. :grinning:

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Yes Franz.
Keep it simple, keep it easy.

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Couple 4 port gallium ones, and one portable nano…

Or as robin williams may have said… nano nano…

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I would say “Nanu”:rofl:

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We have a lot of charging ports. In part as I bought them years ago and got higher power ones later.

While I’ve gifted a lot, e.g. some of us got a Xmas gift from Anker including a 3 port 65W , I still use a 10 port and a 4 port and a few Nano.

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Oh ja.
You are our “Mr. Watt&Volt”
(kidding as usual, you know me well now :laughing:).
Those two I have here are enough, because I don’t have any high power devices,

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Your laptop is using barrel charger. My laptop is dying slowly and can’t move now, battery has fully gone after 7 years old, so I’m more using my larger tablet and use a Powercore 20000 PD to keep it going and then recharge the Powercore using 18W Powerport.

I also rotate through my Powercore using one then the other so each gets used every few months.

So then I’m ready for the power outage, or “whatever” I not thought of.

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I bought a replacement battery for the old thinkpad.
Working great now.
BUT : I can not close it, the TFT-frame it’s broken, I taped and need a clamp to fix that. :laughing:
But I will never will leave it to the garbage.
I am a after war child I learned to keep things as long as possible! :laughing:
I am sure a similar situation was in UK after the war.