Too many push notifications

Hello - Just picked up the Eufy floodlight camera. Im receiving multiple push notifications within the same minute from the one camera. Is there a way to reduce the volume of push notifications w/o snoozing? Would still like to record if there is motion but do not need 2 notifications per minute. Looked thru the app and could not seem to find a setting.


I don’t believe you can reduce or customize the notification periods (at least I’ve not seen it for EufyCam). Try reducing the motion sensitivity setting to see if this improves and/or adjust your camera working mode…

You can adjust the retrigger interval. I think that should reduce multiple notifications. I have mine set to 15 sec, but I will probably push that out to 30sec.

I will be careful doing that. This will result in not capturing some key activities during those 30secs… Once the camera is triggered I would like mine to record as long as the motion is detected and re-trigger if the motion continues. That gives me max coverage of my property.
Talking about notifications, you need to set your motion sensor to detect just the human activity if you like and you can do that by doing few trials.

Thanks for the input. I’m comfortable with the motion the camera is detecting, but not the frequency of the notifications. Like if the mailman comes up the driveway, for the two minutes they are there I would expect one notification, not the four I’m receiving. Do you receive multiple notifications per minute?

Depends on your settings. You can choose custom settings and change the duration to 120 secs and re-trigger to 1 sec.
Then it will start recording as soon as there is an activity and continue to do so as long as there is an activity going and upto 120 secs, then drop out and re-trigger after a second and repeat the same.
This way you should get 1 notification every 2 mins if there is continuous activity in the detection zone.