Today : The chinese Qixi festival

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Don’t know if our Chinese friends are celebrating this.


First I’ve heard of it @Chiquinho
Funny story. Bet a few couple would wish they could only see each other for one day each year - that would stop a lot of disagreements I’m sure :rofl:


thanks for sharing this @Chiquinho got to know one new festival :slight_smile:

Nice story behind this festival … may be Ankerofficial can let us know if they celebrate it or this is a popular holidays

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I did not know about this, thanks for the share @Chiquinho. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Chiquinho for sharing :wink:

@Shenoy Not everyone would like to celebrate it since it’s actually a “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. :rofl:


We wish you too should celebrate it soon Pei @AnkerOfficial :+1::blush:

Nice history of this festival. Thanks for sharing :clap:

Nice post @Chiquinho. It is intriguing to learn of others festivals and celebrations.

The article was a good read.

Thanks for the share.