The red lighter!

Anker Zigarettenanzünder


Of course its not a “Zigarettenanzünder” (cigarette lighter) :joy:


No need of cigarette lighter anymore… everybody vaping these days :angry:

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I see many real smokers around here.
In the south of Europe there are even more.
I stopped smoking 40 years ago.
Was a good idea. :smile:

When I was a student, nearly ALL were smoking, today the smokers are a minority.
Its different if I drink or smoke., both addictions.
But smoking could harm innocent others.


I hate the vape clouds lol


Me too!:wink:

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Agree, but they do smell better than cigarette smoke


Yea I have a co-worker who literally smokes 24/7. Gets on my nerves. I don’t smoke all

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But now they need their vaping machines recharged

@ikari04warrior @Chiquinho. The smells is ok on the vape flavors. I am not going to say much about vaping as it helped get my wife off smoking cigarettes. She was able to decrease the amount of nicotine until it was zero. She has lost the smokers cough, and smell as well.


I hate when coworker smoke as they take extra breaks all the time which nobody says anything.

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I know man! When I used to work in factories, smokers took extra breaks and it was ok. I almost wanted to start smokey just to get those extra breaks

Hey @Duane_Lester its great news about the wife :+1:
Ive heard some good success stories about vaping.

I’m with you there.
At our work, smokers are not allowed to have smoke “breaks” but they do.
I make sure my team (all non smokers) have couple of “long” coffee breaks a day to help balance things up.

I would argue that alcohol is at least just as bad in harming innocent others, being a child or family member of an alcoholic or just going out at night and some drunk idiot attacks you, plenty innocent people getting harmed by alcohol

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That’s true too.