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It kept giving me a 500 Error and wouldn’t post, once i refreshed i just saw this too that it posted multiple times haha, my bad.

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Yeah, that happens. Whenever I get the 500 error, it still posts… it’s weird…

You can delete all but one of them, to reduce confusion

Just did, let me know if you guys don’t see my update. I just deleted the extra posts. At first i thought it was because of the hyperlink so i deleted it haha. But, nope i don’t know why it kept giving me the error.

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@ikari04warrior Well yes, but no lol. Just had that terrible 500 Error and said it didn’t post but it did. Sometimes computers are weird.

Lol yea it happens to me as well from time to time :sweat_smile:

Little baby finger touches the “enter” key multiple times! :joy:

Not sometimes.
Always! :joy:

I might have to get one of these for my babies room!

Why does this link take me to the Parent Unit/Camera combination, and not a listing for the extra camera anymore? What in the world is taking so long with this thing?

Don’t ask me :laughing:

This is not slow for Anker though.

Look how long it’s taking them to rollout USB-C…

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Some things are dead slow at Anchor. Specifically with eufycam, the upgrades are 6 months behind their planned schedules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would prefer Anker to test more and resolve all issues before they release it to public… but once its tested well (no matter how long it takes – considerably), product should work solid without any issues or glitches

Saying this because of my recent experience with Bolt


what happened with Bolt?

Didn’t work as expected :pensive:

It’s here…

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I see. Most likely they can improve it via FW upgrade

Hopefully, look forward to buying it again in future. Roav Bolt for iOS is still in beta.

This was discussed, regarding the issues with that camera.

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I completely missed you on the camera issues.

I have no such one, but there was a lot of discussion.

What camera are you talking about? The roav Bolt is a car charger that has Google integrated in it