Stay Cool! How to keep yourself safe this summer



Learnt the hard way after getting bad sunburn on my ears!


nice tips, thanks. riding motorcycle is a good thing, too :sweat_smile:


Yes! It would be almost perfect if it wasn’t for that black licorice aftertaste!


Probably only for the electronics lol


Lol, hey I’d rather work in an office with A/C either way.


It’s been It’s been so humid the past two nights at work, I wish we had AC on. And when I say humid, it was bad enough that I had to take my phone out of the case because when I tried t on charge it it kept saying moisture was detected


You should write a post on teaching us how to keep your phone safe in a humid environment.:joy:


If your device shows signs of high humidity levels, leave it inside a bowl of uncooked rice overnight, completely covered by the rice. If you have those silica gel packs laying around - and you should definitely same a few every time you get one - you could put the device inside a ziplock bag with a couple of silica gel packs, also overnight. This is, of course, after the device has already built up internal humidity, but doing it from time to time while the humid season is on is a good idea if you are in a particularly humid place.


Right, this will work.
This is the reason you should always put some rice grains in the salt shaker.
(grandma’s trick! :wink:)


For me, it had more to do with moisture In the charge port and not necessarily the phone itself. The case I have holds moisture, even if it’s a little it will retain it when it gets hot. So that’s why i had to remove my phone. Once I did, my phone charged fine. Gotta get a new case eventually because I dont like this one


May be cold sweat of fear! :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: :joy:


But this method I consulted Apple’s after-sales service personnel, he actually told me that it was useless.:joy:


Damn you internet tip websites! :upside_down:


Thanks for sharing!

I work outdoors, 5 days a week and follow these and other tips :sweat_smile:


One reason to own a parabolic mirror is for solar cooking.
It’s popular in the prepper/homesteader communties.


All this is really working for “haute cuisine”?
E.g : Four courses menu"?
(Just kidding :grin:)

Now I know what “prepper/homesteader” is.
An old man thanks you!

And I’m one of yours, which I didn’t know before:
Own apples, potatoes, cherries, plumbs, red currants, gooseberries,
tomatoes, cucumbers…
All growing in my small garden (400 sqm) in the midst of a city!


Are you sure? There is caffeine in black tea…


I agree. If you want a cold coffee, cold brew is your best option :joy:


It’s actually not useless… I have seen it work… Apple probably told you this because they wanted you to pay them to fix your stuff :joy::wink:


It’s not better than water or, say, milk but, given that we take it at normal levels - as in, it’s not the only drink you drink all day - it does count to your daily hydration levels: