Soundcore Mini Issues: no sound, not working at all

TLDR: It’s a battery or battery charger IC (lp28056s) issue
Open bottom plate. Remove RED connector.

I think I figured out a problem for this.
Problem: One day my soundecore mini just stopped working. When I turned ON the power button there was no LED indicator for bluetooth or low-power
I connected USB charger and it showed the white LED (weird it should be RED if it was out of charge).
So I thought it was some issue and left to charge and tested again. It did not work.
Tried with charger ON, powered ON and AUX cable. Still did not work.

Opened the back of the device. There are three screws under the anti-slip ring (-1 point).
Then there are three cables glued (-1 point) to the PCB. But I guess it’s important to avoid disconnecting by music vibrations (+0.5 points)
Removed all the connectors.
Red connector: Battery
White connector: Speaker driver
Ribbon cable: Media control buttons

After playing around with it for a while, I noticed the speaker worked with the RED connector unplugged but speaker powered through external USB charger

Probable Cause:
I noticed that when battery and charger are plugged in, the chip U3 on the PCB gets really hot.
That’s lp28056s which is battery charger. So I am guessing the problem is with that particular chip.

Current Status:
Now I removed the battery from the speaker so it has larger empty space to vibrate.
Resealed the holes to not leak any air.
I use this with my external battery pack or always plugged in to the wall.


I always love it. when someone is able to repair something.
I was taught by my father to try to repair.
So I am not able to repair all things, but some.
I always try.

And meanwhile there are so many videos around helping a lot.

So if someone is skilled, one can do such a lot and avoid
to increase all the trash our world is flooded meanwhile!

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Thanks for sharing.

I saw your post also on Reddit.