Soundcore Life Q20 Pairing, But Not Playing Audio

So to give more detail… I have a record player, that I sometimes use a Bluetooth transmitter with to listen to records in Bluetooth headphones. With my Soundcore Spirit X earbuds for example, I can pair with the transmitter, put the earbuds on, begin the play of a record and audio kicks in just as it should.

However, with my Soundcore Life Q20s, I’m able to pair with the transmitter, begin a record play and there’s nothing but silence. I can stop, restart etc the record play… but nothing.

I did notice tho, that if I begin playing the record 1st… then pair with the transmitter, the audio kicks right in. But once there’s a break in audio between tracks (silence) the Q20s stay paired, but no more audio moving forward.

Is there a firmware update or anything that would help resolve this or something else I could try given the described setup above? Any and all help is welcomed! Thanks

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The only thing that comes me in mind :
This is not an issue of the buds, that’s one of that transmitter.
I suppose the Spirit X use 4.2 protocol and those Q20 5.0
But normally the bt hardware will use the lower bt protocol if the 5.0 is not available.

I would first try to get the latest update of that transmitter and then test the transmitter with another device first.
Step by step…

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Definitely a good thought. The transmitter that I have… I’ve had for a while and it uses 4.1. Might as well upgrade to their newer model, which supports 5.0 as it’s fairly inexpensive. I may just do that.

Thanks for the feedback @Chiquinho!

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This would be the easiest solution.
Those transmitters are cheap and so it is much easier to go for newer model,
than playing around with the old one.
BUT: I (old tinkerer) would try to get an update on the old one, though it takes some work and time…

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Hmmm… it does have a micro usb port for charging. Wonder if I could somehow update the old one. Support website for that brand doesn’t show any downloads except a manual of course. Wouldn’t really know where else to look. But at least you’ve given me somewhere to start. I can only imagine that the 4.1 to 5.0 is what’s causing the issue here… at least I hope lol. Thanks again!

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If the manufacturer doesnt exist anymore. No chance.

Buy a new one (there are some offered by ANKER, I suppose
There is one :
#Anker Bluetooth Adapter Soundsync Bluetooth 2-in-1
I had one and it worked perfectly with my old IPOD.

Go for such one as there is more than a perfect support
there are many members here who like to help if they can!