Soundcore Flare 2 * Real stereo mode on Macbook workaround


If someone looking for a workaround before throwing their sound core flare 2 speakers away, here is a guide, how to get rich stereo sound enriched with 360 sound on MacBook.

As you all know by now if you pair two sound core flare 2 speakers, you will get crappy MONO sound. That was shocking, that I was almost going to return my second speaker, because it sounds even better with one speaker.

To get REAL stereo sound you will need MacBook or Mac OS powered device.

  1. Unpair your sound core speakers and remove them under bluetooth tab.
  2. Pair first one sound core speaker under Mac bluetooth tab, then next one. Connect to both of them.
  3. Under finder find app called AUDIO MIDI setup.
  4. Go under Multiple-Output device and mark both sound core flare speakers, tick drift correction for both.
  5. Then go to Soundcore flare 2 (2) and set Master 1 to 0.35
  6. Then go to Soundcore flare 2 (4) and set Master 2 to 0.35

  7. Go to Mac AUDIO settings and set multiple audio out as your output.

All done, now you have real STEREO sound from your sound core flare 2 speakers.

Its a shame that Anker was not able to sort this out with firmware update. 200$ for two mono speakers? really?

If you found this guide helpful, you are welcome


Interesting workaround!
Those flare 2 normally can be only connected via partycast and this is mono.
Thank you for this interesting method!

Great feature this can be done under MAC-OS. ( Multiple-Output device)
I am wondering if this is possible with MS Windows.

By the way you should publish that at the soundcore forum as well.
Do this please.
Thank you.


Wow many thanks for sharing this.

I’d wonder if it would be similar for any other partycast type speakers… the minis. Rave series, etc.

Well done :+1:

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I would say it will work with all partycast speakers when using this version of MAC-OS.
But I only suppose that, not a mac-user with an MAC-OS up to date.


Oh that’s right, Mac has a lot of varietals and what might work on one may not be good on another.

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I am sure this will not do with elder MAC-OS (elder bt cards).
I can not proof. The Macbook I got is an antiquity! :joy:

WHOW : That Audio Midi Setup is installed on my antique MAC-Book.
Haven’t tested because I got no partycast speakers. :grinning:

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This should work with all old MacBooks! Just listening to it now and actually sounds amazing. Sometimes sound gets unsynced, so I have to untick drift correction and tick it back. These two in 360 stereo mode sound better than harman kardon go play and many other speakers I heard.
In mono they are worse than old cassette player.

Enjoy my guide. Im sure you could do same with some apps on ms windows…


It should work with ALL bluetooth speakers, so its a great workaround which I have never seen published online. With this method you could pair any different brand speakers to work together… You can repost it yourself, you are welcome. I made the purchase of two flare 2 speakers and had to find a way how to make them work in stereo, so it took me several hours testing them and all possibilities. This solution works for me perfect, they pair automatically and sound great in stereo. Enjoy


I hope others can find this useful. Great job!

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Yes it does, great!
I found the feature.
You can pair all type of speakers that way, perfect!
Don’t use that Macbook very often, so I was not sure about. :grinning:

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Appreciate the share. I do not have a mac book but my brother does. Will need to let him know