SoundCore 2 pairing

In the manual that came with each of the 2 SC2 speakers we purchased, it explains how with “…True Wireless Stereo technology you can pair your SoundCore 2 with another SoundCore 2…” Following the directions, but no pairing is happening. Suggestions?

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Don’t own this speaker.
Did you use the app when try pairing?
Otherwise you might wait for specialists to help.
Those will show up soon.

@Olomb11 Did you purchase / receive the original Soundcore 2 or the ‘updated’ Soundcore 2 model which supports wireless stereo pairing?

Normally to activate stereo pairing, you need to pair your first speaker to your phone, press the BT button again on the connected speaker until you have a rapidly flashing BT light, put your second speaker into pairing mode and they should connect to each other.

No certain if the app currently supports the updated Soundcore 2…

The app doesn’t support this speaker