SoundCore 2 Issues with Bluetooth Pairing/Switching devices



Hi @Andrej_Andreev ,

Are you pressing the BT button on your speaker a second time (ie. after the first pair) to pair the second device? Per the steps I wrote on Sep 3 pressing the BT button a second time is what caused me problems. Once I stopped doing that (ie. only pressing it once) I was able to keep multiples devices paired.


I am connected with 3 devices on th SoundCore 2 and have no issues.
Devices: iPhone 6, Kindle Fire 8 HD., Alcatel android phone.
I originally connected the devices by disconnecting through the settings on each device.
I also tried pressing the bluetooth button on the soundcore 2 and had 2 different results. When i held down the button for a second then i needed to forget and reconnect the devices. When i tapped the button, it disconnected from the current device but i was easily able to reconnect by selecting the soundcore 2 in my bluetooth settings.
The kindle fire 8 hd connects automatically but the other 2 devices i need to select it from the bluetooth menu.


Well, perhaps they can unravel my problem then.
I have two Amazon 7" Kindles, one an older model and the other, the latest generation.
I own a SoundCore (love it as the quality is great)
However, the newer model loses Internet connection after a few minutes of use. (Listening to BBC iplayer for example)
I switch off the SoundCore and the connection returns. Very annoying.
So you are aware, I have tried THREE new models (Amazon replaced one and I used my daughters) Each time with the same outcome. So, by split half technique, the Soundcore must be at fault or the firmware isn't compatible with new Generation Kindles.
Listening music or listening books the unit works perfectly. ANY IDEAS?????


Guys, just faithfully follow the instructions of Doug01. Do yourself a favor of ignoring all other posts. Doug01’s instructions solved this Bluetooth pairing issue.


Really happy to know you solve the problem finally. :innocent:


I haven’t read the other replies yet....

My soundcore 2 has the same issue. One time I came back to my office and somone else paired their phone to my speaker. I was unable to repair my phone, even with turning the soundcore on/off. I just turned off my speaker the rest of the day. The next day I was able to repair my phone.

Another issue I have is with the soundcore is when my phone is connected via Bluetooth to my soundcore surge headphones and I power on the soundcore 2, it automatically disconnects my soundbuds and connects to the soundcore speaker, at the same volume I was previously listening to, which is normally loud.

From what I have noticed, the Bluetooth on the soundcore 2 can be very finicky and troublesome to connect/reconnect. I don’t seem to have these issues when using the Soundcore Boost speaker, but also haven’t tried to switch devices on it yet...


I thought it said in the manual, you can only have 1 device at a time, connected to a SC speaker, and that if you want to use a 2nd source device, you have to treat that a brand new connection. If that doesn't work, it says, to do RESET, to clear any devices on the SC. Then do a new connection.

On a separate note.... @AnkerTechnical
The wattage rating on SC2, is that RMS, or MPO or PMPO? 1watt RMS (6) = 2 WATT MPO (12) = 4 WATT PMPO (24)
Is that the same for all speakers?


Hi @andrewtiangco,

If other devices are connected to your speaker, you must first delete the pairing record from another device and disconnect it, and then pair it with your mobile phone, it will work finally.

Our speaker can only be paired with one device at the same time. If the speakers are paired, the headset will be disconnected.:innocent:


Nothing works. I got this for Mothers Day today. It won't connect to either my android phone or to my iPad.

This got terrific reviews on Amazon. Back it goes tomorrow!!

So freaking frustrating!!!!


Strange, I got mine the other day... Lovely red one

Litterally, out the box, turned on.... The BT light blinked, turned on bt on my handset (galaxy S8), it showed on the list, I clicked it, and off I went.

Took less than a minute.

Litterally shows up as soundcore 2


Never had problems to pair ANKER speakers via bluetooth.
Using Android, mac-OS and LINUX.
The only problem is to make bluetooth ready under LINUX.
Sometimes you need to be very tricky and visionary :innocent:

Is there anybody who is using LINUX and bluetooth as well?


Hi @snickerdoodle

Sorry to hear that you have issue with our product. Have your contacted our support team?


I think most have provided a viable solution but I will throw my two cents in. I have a pairing issue as well at times. I have found that my son stills my earbuds. So when I pair them, I have to do a fresh pairing. Well since he is using them, he wears down the battery life. So for pairing, I suggest charging them before pairing if they have been used a lot as it may not have enough juice to complete a pairing with the new device.


Yep just got mine and I'm trying to pair multiple devices or anything fancy. Tried above suggestions restarting the phone and speaker. Blue light just keeps flashing. I have never had an issue pairing my phone to anything. Sending back to Amazon I don't have time for this!


@rseleski4 Sorry to hear that. Would you mind contacting our customer service via directly? I'm sure they will help you out on this quickly. :relaxed:


Has anyone tried the firmware update available for the Soundcore 2 to see if it has any effect on the reported Bluetooth pairing issues?

If it resolves the issue, maybe this was part of the firmware update. :thinking:



I've replied to your private message.


Try firmware update.


Try clearing previous Bluetooth pairings from the Anker SoundCore's memory to see if this resolves the issue. You can do this by pressing both the "Volume Down" and "Volume Up" buttons for roughly three seconds. Try pairing the Bluetooth speaker with your device again to see if this resolves the issue.


New firmware for anker soundcore 2:

For Windows and macOS. Updates include bug fixes and performance optimization. Fixed Bluetooth latency issues.