Something Big is Coming 👀

In places where a power outage happens often, one must have more than one of such generators.
If one fails one uses the next one.

Same do I with laptops. :laughing:
Now I have three, because I got one donated from my doc.
The keyboard doesn’t work properly, so he couldn’t use .
It doesn’t make sense to swap, but I always use an external keyboard, so its perfect for me.
Not the fastest processor, but I added 8GB mem and will swap the hard drive.
Its absolutely perfect with LINUX.


Agree those who have experienced outages are usually better adapted to it

But there is a growing vulnerability non-geeks don’t yet understand. Demand for electricity is growing faster than supply of electricity. The move away from gas in the home and petrol in cars. Also the electrical devices in the home are moving from electrical to electronic, so a move from directly taking AC in and using as much as it wants or is available, to electronic where it has precise needs which if not exactly met the appliance won’t work.

So say an older electric oven if the voltage was slightly lower it would still work, get just as hot just slower to get hot. Never electric oven if doesn’t get the required 240V / 115V won’t work.

Or say lightbulb, the older type if power lower would still work just light bright, newer will stop working.

The first stage of an outage can be a brown-out where the voltage drops. That then turns off some items, the voltage returns then the appliances turn back on which trips into a blackout.

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That’s what I get for reading on the go :rofl:

Thanks for pointing out the 4 times capacity, was running out of toes to count :roll_eyes: :wink:


:grinning: oops wrong image

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What an outstanding product! I love how the creators at Anker/Eufy look at the current situation/times and provide products that ARE useful to everyone! Thank you!!!