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You mught not realize it, but they have a strong presence in Eu/Uk. It doesnt take much to see on their social media pages the swarms of people on there who enter every contest or complain they cant enter.


We will not announce their names on the community board and we will just communicate with them through email directly.


Do you have any idea on when they will be chosen? (Or if they already have?)


There is no announcement date. Whenever we saw a good profile, we will contact him/her directly.


Okay, I’ll be expecting that email any time :wink:


So that means that anyone who entered so far has been rejected?


That’s what it seems like… Or they’ve already been contacted :wink:


Not necessarily, they may have been contacted via email or social media. But thats for them to reveal if they so choose.


As I said, they’re not interested in us. We are just the loyal idiots who come on everyday at all times, answering customers problems, and advising the difference between similar products.

How someone is able to grow, if they have nothing to talk about and promote, god only knows.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial , you can advise … How can a person grow their profile if they have no bait for people to take an interest in?

Without a vision the people die, said the wise man.

If nothing to lure people in, we die cos we can’t grow, and Anker just keeps rejecting until we either n die. Anker denies all responsibility, and moves on the the next victims!


I am always baffled why people who get (and win) plenty of oppertunities for free products still get disgruntled when the one thing they want the most they don’t get. Sure, there are some items I would have loved to try out or win as well, but I am just happy for the ones I do managae to attain. I suspect Anker guys and girls reject some forum regulars purely because they get salty when they don’t win…


If I don’t "need an item I will not go for it.
And if I don’t win, I don’t feel I “got lost”.
Indeed, some here are like kind of maniacs.


If you’re getting free products, then you wouldn’t understand those that try but fail every time.

Now imagine your boss telling you … This promotion is for you, and then gives it to someone else, a new person who you didn’t even realise was employed by the company.
Then next time, dies the same thing, and again and again… You’d get salty too.

I don’t (like some) chase every free thing going. However if I’ve shown an interest, and Anker hints at you getting an opportunity to test, then gives it away to someone else (which of course they’re fee to do) and then does that a few times, you too would get annoyed and frustrated at wondering what ya got to do.

So enjoy the free stuff while it continues to roll in, and remember for you to win, someone lost.


If this wasn’t the case, what’s the fun in winning :wink:


No we are getting into psychology! :wink:

I must tell you something:
I knew some psychologists.
All of those needed a psychiatrist. :rofl:


See but thats the mindset that gets people in trouble in this forum. This isnt a “my boss says its for me then gives to someone else.” Its more a “we are looking for 10+ people to give something to and odds of winning is no longer guaranteed after X number of people apply” or in the case of content creators, “apply to join this team, no guarantee you get picked nor do we have to tell you who wins or when its over”. Since both of these clearly state its not for just me and not guaranteed, then I dont feel bad or salty… Ever. Everyone in here chases the free items, its why you join a forum specific to one brand that is a material item (i.e. not video games, sports, etc). They are even getting salty because they dont win the free items they chase. While I can see your argument that if i win it changes things, but in reality there is never a single guarantee you will win so why would someone get mad if they do not?