Say Hello to RoboVac L70 | IFA Exclusive

I’m very excited to hear about the mapping functionality and will consider purchasing this for sure!

This almost sounds too good to be true!! I am so intrigued by this. I have a dog and patio doors in the living room, which leads to constant dog hair and constant muddy paws on our hard floors. I would love to give this a try!

I dont think this would be good for mud, as it uses a wet cloth to mop and it would just drag the mud around.

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Maybe. I currently use a microfibre spray mop. Any dried mud would get picked up by the vacuum function I presume! I’d still give it a try!

If you do get one, please do a video review if you can to show how it handles this. Thanks

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I remember I have heard that expression:

“Mud in your eyes”
Still in use?
If so to you! :laughing:

I love to get my hands on one of these. I have got dogs and I wanna see how well this compares to my old Eufy vac and my regular vacuum.

Definitely an interesting product. As someone with carpet, hardwood, and tile floors, I would be interested to hear how well this works. A big thing for us is also being able to set the RoboVac to do its work overnight while we are sleeping (I have a stay at home parent and a little guy and 2 dogs running around all day), so having something that is not only efficient and does a good job, but also quiet would be a bonus for us. Will be interested to see how this stacks up. Also the iPath navigation is a new feature that puts this just a step ahead.

My body is ready :o

I would love to test one as our dog is just constantly moulting so would put this to the test - not only that but it would save me from doing it :joy::joy:

always wanted a robovac since my first floor is all hardwood flooring. Getting kids to do it but it’s would be nice without having to nag at them and just have robo do it every day

Hi! I just got my l70 two days ago. What I really like to know is, why does it make that specific noise when moving and turning around? It sounds like a whistle… Do you know what I mean? I had a 11s before which was quite.

This video shows it:

Whistling a melody! He is happy when working!
As you said, the 11S is not whistling, so he might be not happy.! (Kidding)

No there is something wrong.
would send this video to the support,.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
The video isn’t mine, but my L70 sounds exactly like the L70 in the video.

Though it is working such a noise is disturbing.

Supports says the noise is normal, when the wheels accelerates

I would be happy to test this product. Is there where I would post for that? I am new here. Thank you!

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Great to see you here.
Join the community, enjoy it and STAY!

Your’e welcome!

There are many who would like to test.
Take a look at the “Testing club” take part in testing and giveaway events.

Good luck!

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Yes, this is a very exciting innovation. I am super stoked about the mapping tech! That’s the main thing I want in my robovac! Nice work guys!

This would be lovely to test out. With a full carpet upstairs and hard floor downstairs, I think I can make an amazing youtube review of this vacuum!