Review of EUFY security cameras

Hey, I’ve done this review a while back and I must say I really enjoy the Eufy security cameras. The ability to move them without any wires is amazing, they can be placed in placed I never thought I would have a camera in, even in the car parked in your driveway.

Anyhow, here is the video;


Great video! Seems professionally made! :+1: Haven’t has a chance to watch quite the whole thing yet.

Nice video review. Felt a little on the longer side but you covered everything well. Thanks for sharing

Certainly a thorough review there, good job @buton6 :thumbsup:

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It’s a good tutorial video about install eufy security cameras! Thank you so much!

Nice video, you have try also ARLO ? It’s similar products ?

Very nice review indeed! I’m surprised that more of the well known tech YouTubers out there haven’t featured this on their channel yet.

Awesome review :thumbsup:

It’s great review and given me a great insight into wireless security cameras. I didn’t realise they would be so easy to use - always worry about installing extra wires into my house as I hate visible cables but this is a good solution using wireless technology!

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Meanwhile such items can be installed and maintained very easy.

But is it really giving security?
Some kind of psychological safety.


All they do is a little bit of heads up warning and an evidence if you need one.

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great review @buton6 watched the whole thing. Wish there was no lag but it works though the network hence the delay.

What feature does it come with in order to deter the cameras form being stolen?

Thanks again

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Great video review!!! :ok_hand:

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thanks for sharing. Where did you get that mat from?

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nice review thank you so much for sharing might not have seen it other wise

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You just need attach the brandnew addon eufy spring-gun(*) 2500XV
(*) Selbstschussanlage

… to the eufy cam E 2019 to improve security! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a quilting Bee Cutting Mat, got it on Amazon.


Here is the 2nd part of it the range test. And thank you all for kind words.