Review: Anker Fusion 5000 - The best Anker product EVER?



Great review and testing, @ryandhazen! And I agree, the PowerPort Fusion 5000 is one of my favorite chargers!


Nice review and testing! I too have the Fusion 5K - Bought it back in March '17.

It is built like a tank. Perfect for travel, no need for multiple wall sockets. 5000mAh is perfect to get you over that "hump" when you are away and need a little more juice.

I would love to see newer versions of these, possibly bigger capacity or USB C, PD, what other features would you want added to an all in one charger/powerbank?


Great review and pictures @ryandhazen. Powercore fusion is my favorite as well. I recently used it during my trip to Hawaii and suggested that people should buy it. It is a must have for travelers. I just hope fusion 10000 comes out soon. :slight_smile:


There's a 10k coming! Just announced back in October '18 - I missed the announcement at that time too. I just found out about it right after writing this review last night:

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. The addition of USB-C is an obvious boost, but I would have liked QC 3.0 as well.


OoooOOooHhhhh!!! Ain't she a beaut!


It's not that new, the press release says February 2017. The problem is that we don't (probably won't) get it, because we have a bigger plug then the US has. Otherwise I'm hoping for a European version


If not, what can we do?
Starting a "revolution"! :joy:
Those 3 or 4 "Kameraden" we are here!


it is a really smart product


is it available in the uk version?


No UK version for this one :disappointed:


@ryandhazen @Muhammad_2703 yeh it is a shame was looking forward to purchase this:(


Good presentation: you keep your style - and your high level ! Again well structured: I like it !


The falling out problem is not difficult to fix in the design, move the rotating pins to be on the flatter side so the item is protruding less from the wall. That would reduce falling out but also restrict what sockets you can use to ones with more free surface surrounding.


Great review!! Good job!!!! :clap:


I agree I take it everywhere with me!! I hope they upgrade it to having a usb c port to charge on the side instead of a micro usb would cut down on cables people have to carry and help bring it into the future. Definitely a life save for me though without a doubt!

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Wow.. I absolutely loved reading your detailed review!
Makes me rethink how I write mine (not here YET) .
Thankyou, kept me reading and actually makes me want to buy one!!:slight_smile:

Which set of Anker products should I get?
Power core fusion 5000

This is up for a drawing this week!


Might also consider prying the prongs apart just a bit so there's more tension while plugged into a socket.
Concur on the great review - love the thoroughness and detail. I am more akin to lean on 10k+ capacity, so the new Fusion has my interest... but this review is still so valuable with much of the content being equally applicable!


Looks like the old 5k one, not the 10k.

Still not a bad prize :smile:


One of these is up for POWERDRAW This week: