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Primitive Technology


I like the hue of these cooking videos!:yum:


He has a lot of girls and some guys crushing on him lol. He cooks, he cleans, he builds, etc.


I also like watching Is It worth it? and the G Squad :joy:


How did you found this video?
It seems that the author is not particularly famous.:grin:


No, he is pretty new but I like him. He’s been getting lots of products and giving a quick look and deciding if it’s worth it. He’s done a few Anker products.


Definitely those guys for tech and photography. On the more science-y end, I like these channels:
Dong (a Vsauce subchannel)
Brainiac75 (magnets, cool experiments)
Cody’s Lab (fun chemical experiments)
ASAP Science
Tom Scott

And on the more “interesting facts, random stuff” side of things:
Wendover productions
Half as Interesting

And also, the occasional exurb1a video is fun. :wink:


I recently started watching and just subscribed to frontpagetech


Another favorite: Max Yuryev


I started watching fpt about a month ago and really like it!



If you guys are apple sheep or hate apple sheep, check out TailosiveTech. I really enjoy his perspective even though I don’t agree with everything he says.


A bunch of feel good videos that make you want to cry out of :joy:



I’ll subscribe to the channel right now! thanks for sharing :ok_hand:


I want to watch some videos that can make me smile! Lol.:smile:


It will! Try it :slight_smile:


Been getting back into woodwork more recently (mainly due to DIY) and stumbled across this channel…it’s amazing some of the things the guy can think up (not to mention materials used)…not tech related but still quite awesome :grin:


For general DIY stuff I really enjoy watching the DIY Perks channel. There’s definitely hints of Macgyver going on here. :wink:


It’s not a channel but I just found this video that I had to share.


I recently started listening to the tested podcast… I really like it :joy: