Prime Day Starts Now | Get Up To 40% OFF

You’re kidding me.

Somebody just said its discounted in USA, not showing (yet, for me)

I’m not seeing much discount…


I’m waiting for its discount.

Just fixed it. Thanks for letting us know.

It’s dawning on me now what is going to happen. The 18W is being upgraded to 20W. The UK Nano is now 20W.

So I think we’re going to see an “currently unavailable” period as the next batch is made and shipped to warehouse and then we get 65W 45W / 20W version.

Obviously 20W is such a small upgrade from 18W it’s not worth many waiting for 20W but it makes no sense to have a 18W Slim III and a 20W Slim III models for sale in parallel.

This may explain why the sales has not happened on the 18W port 63W Slim III.

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My bank balance is gonna be taking a hit today.
I’ve got too many things in my basket :grimacing:

Good analysis @professor and I think unfortunately you could be right.
Well I’m not desperate today so I’ll not look “elsewhere” I’ll patiently wait for a sensible discount, then purchase.

I have this for now, not spending £ on anything without a major USB-C component. I’d even like a 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A desk charger, but Anker seems to love USB-A even though it’s only about £4 cheaper per port.

(the original metal version before this fundamentally same plastic version)

I got my mine as an unexpected Xmas gift 3 years ago from Anker

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Great gifts @professor
Definitely only worth upgrading to the Slim III 63w minimum.
3 x C plus 1 x A would suit me fine. 4 x C would be my ultimate.
For my use they wouldn’t even need to be high output.
1 x 30/45w PPS, the rest 18/20w C would suit my needs for the foreseeable.

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Right similarly, don’t need much Wattage total. An intelligent distribution of 60W is fine. Right now I cannot consume more than about 50W across everything.

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Here you go @professor
Only an “upgraded” Nano now!

Yes it’s been that for a week, they had a voucher for it yesterday.

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Yeah I never saw that get discounted for the us and I was checking for it a lot and even had things set to notify me if the price dropped so I don’t think it was

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Really! First I’ve noticed, spent all my days clicking refresh on the Slim III 63w :rofl:

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not too bad of deals pick up 2 power pack to replace my old aging dying one.

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Only thing I got was the 20000 PD in UK sales.


@AnkerOfficial I think it might be time to unpin this.

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