PowerPort Speed PD with 5 Ports (Model A2056111) Review



Thanks @Jesse_Hernandez1 for confirming this, great to know before purchasing :thumbsup:


I just got one of these unit from Amazon to charge my Macbook Pro Overnight (with the power off). I got up this morning and it did not charge. I also have a Powerport PD Atom (also 30 watts) and it charges the macbook just fine. Tried it with the same cable I use on the Atom and that did not help it.

It is odd when I plug in the cable the macbook beeps and the charge icon comes on, but when I run battery health it says that charge watts is only 0.4watts.

Is there a better tool that will show what power was negotiated on the PD interface?

What else should I try?


Hi @treyweaver,

This is Anker Customer Support. We are really sorry to hear that the PowerPort Speed PD (A2056) does work properly.

In this case, would you please contact us via email address: support@anker.com with your order number? We will try our best to make things right for you.

Apologize again and thanks for your time.