PowerExpand+ 7 in 1- what power adapter to use w/ an iMac?

Hi - just bought the above item, i.e. PE+ 7 in 1 USB-C PD hub - I want to use w/ my 2019 iMac which has TB3 ports to add several external USB HDs (worked erratically w/ a non-powered hub) - I’m assuming that I plug the corded USB-C connector into my iMac, then I need some type of AC power adapter for the USB PD slot of the hub - correct? If so, what are the requirements (watts, amps, etc.) for such an adapter? I have a PD AC adapter that charges my iPad Pro - would that be enough to run 2 EHDs off the Anker hub or can more wattage be used? Thanks. Dave

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Please note the two USB 3.0 ports on the hub can handle the USB devices that need no more than 0.9A. Devices are usually rated as follows:
Mouse 100 mA
USB Flash Drive 100 mA
Camera 300 mA
Keyboard 500 mA
External Hard Drive 900 mA

The original wall charger that came with iPad Pro supports 30W. I am afraid the 30W iPad Pro wall charger is not enough. Due to the power input limitations of mobile devices, this hub is not suitable for pass-through charging when using the original wall charger that came with iPad Pro since the hub itself needs 15W for its own operation. As for the wall charger you want to connect to the C PD port on the hub, we recommend you connect a wall charger that supports 60W or 100W PD charging.

I think there is some confusion here - the way I read this, he is planning to use the 30W charger ONLY to power the hub while it is connected to the 2019 iMac (which doesn’t draw power over the TB3 port).

Plugging a 30W USB-C PD charger into the hub USB PD slot should work just fine in that context, correct?

Obviously if he was using it to power the iPad and the hub together, that would not work as well - not sure if it would fail, or just charge slowly. But that isn’t the use case here.

Thanks Guys for the replies - as stated this will be used on a 2019 iMac w/ TB 3 ports - according to Apple, this port can provide 100W of power and up to 15W for ‘bus-powered’ devices (see top of pic). Now I have an OWC USB-C travel dock (bottom pic) w/ 2 USB-A ports; also, a PD port - whenever I attached my bus-powered EHDs, the devices would not stay mounted, nor could I charge my iPad Pro w/ the PD port (after emailing OWC, I now understand that the PD port is a one-way passthrough connection and my iPad likely needed more that 15W).

So, I just want a dock to hook into a TB 3 port of our iMac and have my external HDs mount and be recognized; these are all used for backup purposes - now I’ve had powered USB docks in the past, but this one-way passthrough issue was not a feature (simply a power brick into the dock) - did I buy the wrong type of dock for my purposes? Thanks again - Dave

My above post was delayed by 3 days because my account was put ‘on hold’ for some reason - sorry - BUT explains what I am trying to do w/ the hub.

FOLLOW-UP: Yesterday, I put the hub into a TB3 port of my new iMac and had to download some Apple software to apparently interact w/ the mobile features - but, I was then able to backup a number of HDs w/ the USB-A ports of the hub and also my iPad Pro was charging - seems to be working w/o the need for extra power.

Any further comments would be certainly appreciated. Dave :slight_smile: