PowerDrive 2 Alloy

  1. Product exterior—nice sleek feel, not bulky at all. I love how short it stacks up to other car chargers I’ve owned in the past. The powerdrive 2 measures at a cute 2 inches (from tip to top). The charger sits flush in my BMW which doesn’t get in the way. The finish is gunmetal and black, black anker lettering and very pleasant IQ blue on the top end.

  2. Using the product—one thing beneficial about this is the sleekness where doesn’t get in the way. I’m sure we all forgot our chargers before so having that we need to use our own cord, gone are the days of not having them with you outside your car! (God forbid you forget them at home and stuck with no car or work charger!)

  3. Ideal users—anyone looking for a great, sleek, fast charger. I use it to power my iPad and iPhone on the go, it’s not as fast as USB C but it gets the job done.

  4. Competitive comparisons—I’ve bought many in my smartphone lifetime and this has to be the most sleekest one yet! Very subtle looking where it’s not an eye sore in your vehicle! Offers quick charge (I’m assuming works well with Samsung QC) and sits flush in port!

  5. Summary of your overall impression- overall I’m simply impressed, Jon well done anker! Sleekness on point!


Nice review and pictures!

That last picture with the measurements is pretty slick, which one do you use?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @j0relle!

This actually doesn’t offer any type of fast charging.


The one that comes natively with iOS. Isn’t ARKit great?

Great review @j0relle!

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Great review! I love how you used the app to show the measurements, I must use this for my reviews!

Nice review

Nice review & photos @j0relle thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Awesome review and photos. I’ve never thought about using the measurements apps on my iPhone to show how big a product is.

Good job! :clap:t2:

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Measurement app built into iOS!

Sorry should’ve been more specific. Charges faster than the 5W brick lol

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