PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Anker will send you an email in the next few weeks. Fill out the shipping address to receive your prize. Remember to check you spam folder so you don’t miss it!


Sorry y’all, I know it doesn’t really seem fair that I got selected to win something. I’m updating my profile now, working on some reviews on Instagram, and trying to generally be a better PowerUser. My beginner’s luck will run out promptly, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


No, Don’t be sorry! Hope it purely a luck factor, unless Anker has a way to encourage newbies or members spending less time on the forum. which I doubt :grin:
Enjoy your winning :+1:


It’s completely fair. You have posted/commented on here to earn bucks and experience points, and use those bucks to enter a drawing. You won in a completely legitimate way, and deserve your prize. I know you will love the Soundcore flare- it’s an amazing speaker!

Don’t mind @MacBlank- he complains everytime he loses :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (jokes)


D’aw, you guys are so nice :blush:


Yes, we are easy to get along with it.:laughing:


I like the PowerPort III mini on this week’s drawing


I feel like doing something mean, so I’m gong to enter all 20 drawings on the product- just to reduce your chances of winning :joy: jk


Lol go ahead. I probably won’t enter it. Haven’t been lucky lately so I wont even try :rofl:

It’s way past your bedtime btw :laughing: jk


Good decision!! Preserve the PB for auctionnnnnn :sweat_smile:


It has been a while since last auction. It better be something good!


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: hope it will be good !!

will be a lot of fun since we know how tough it is now to get the Powerbucks :wink:


Yall might have scared them off from doing auctions…you know with the yelling and bickering about missed days and points. I blame @TechMan its all his fault


What would you like to see in the auction?


Wakey… wakey… wakey… we can propose and @AnkerOfficial can fulfill!


Pretty good idea there my friend :+1:


All available wakeys are given to the well known testers! :rofl:


Wakey walks into blackhole :rofl:


Ehhh. I always get blamed lol


I still haven’t received the product I won, is this normal in your opinion? He had to arrive by the end of June but nothing.