Poll - would you buy a Portable charger with no USB Type A port?

Yeah I would. I don’t use USB-A anymore.

That being said, I don’t mind backwards compatibility as much as others do.

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Interestingly, you @professor have not voted, which one do you prefer :wink:

Well I am in conflict. what I ideally want are smarter people than me working at making this irrelevant.

Pending, In the immediate term it is making me see 18W as an input and 10W as an output, which means I swapped my EDC cable back to a A-C cable to force the most efficient use of the weight of carrying 10Ah.

I am also conflicted on this, but voted for the hybrid. I prefer longevity over speed, but at the same time speed can be helpful in situations where its needed. It all depends how and where I will be using this pack.

I have to go with the hybrid. I’ve got too many older devices that rely on USB type A to just throw it away. It’s also hybrid so im getting the best of both worlds :+1:

Wow, that’s a surprisingly high amount for PD only. Anker is definitely missing out on a lot of potential sales.

I would buy a PD only portable charger but also the hybrid as well :man_shrugging:

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I moved last week to a new apartment. Consolidated a lot of boxes. Threw a lot of things away. Now, most of my cables are organized. And … I have 25+ micro-USB cables that I’m not using. Ugh. I wish that I could say that I have more USB-C products (5) than micro-USB products (8), but sadly that is still not the case.

Even so, I’d love to get a PD only charger. Most of my portable charging is for my iPhone (lightning), Pixel 2 (USB-C), and iPad Pro (USB-C), and they can all benefit from PD. Sometimes I charge my Liberty Air 2 on the go, but this is also USB-C. My travel devices that require USB-A would be my Apple Watch and on rare occasions, a wireless speaker, but both of these would be overnight charging, so a wall plug would be sufficient. I guess I don’t really need USB-A on a portable charger at all.

Gotta go with the hybrid there are still wayy too many things that use usb-a

Curious as to what things you use that need USB-A? Most things that I use could go either way, but I prefer USB-C as a universal port.

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Indeed, whatever port on your device you just need a cable to suit :+1:t2:
As Anker don’t make them, I bought an Amazon USBC to Micro, I can run quite happily with a charger and PowerCore with USBC only.

Only thing I use that needs micro is my bolder flashlight. As I never have a need to charge that with a battery pack, I never use the USB-A port on my battery packs.

I do however let my friends use the USB-a port if they need it.

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It’s the Bolder for me too, and the Boost speaker.

Oops, I totally forgot about my Bolder. I guess I have 9 micro-USB devices. Ugh.

I’d buy a powercore that only used USB PD but I’d also but the hybrid. The way the question is phrased makes it seem like wanting the hybrid means you don’t want the USB-PD only one

A typical USB network consists of a host that is often a PC and peripherals such as a printer, smartphone or camera. Data streams in both directions but the power is unidirectional and always flows from the host to the device McDVOICE

I mean, how many battery packs do most people use??

Most people on this forum are tech forward, so a lot (if not most) have multiple powerbanks.

Your average consumer would just have one, and would use it until it died.

Think of it like this. If you had to choose one, which would use choose?

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Without getting up from my chair, I can reach 2 power banks. And there are 2 more in this bedroom/office. 1 on the coffee table in the living room. 1 in the console table by the front door. 2 in my backpack. And my wife has at least 2. That’s 10. We use like 5 of them at least once a week, and 7 of the 10 are Anker batteries. We just moved, so we cleaned up a lot (discard or donate), which is why we are down to 10.

A week ago, before this, it was only 9.

That’s so mean. It’s like asking which of your children do you love best?

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I love the kid with USBC output ports only :joy:

I guess if I had to choose I’d stick with the hybrid just in case. I have an iphone anyway and my lightning cable is usb-A