[Poll] Which platform do you mostly use with Anker and its Partners products

Nope, not at all. Just iPhone…

I hate AirPods, macs, and most other things Apple makes. I do really like the Apple Watch, if I could afford it.

The Apple Watch would be nice edition with XR. I’m planning on getting Watch GT since it was free gift with my phone :package:.

There are lot of deals going on for Apple watch from time to time, the last one I saw was for $199 for Apple Watch 3 - 38mm GPS Only model.

Apple Series 4 is £500 :open_mouth:

This time it’s three years (approx 30 months left)

26 years ago, I got the “top” phone every years.
10 years ago they started 2 year contracts
3 years ago (approx) they started 3 contracts, but my company doesn’t give as big a discount for 3 years (as I learned the hard way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I’ve had a couple 2 year contracts, and now my first 3 year, and u won’t do three years again… Unless decent discount!

Yeah, I saw that deal. I’m probably going to wait for the next generation, and then buy the series 4 used…

I went for 24 months and got pretty good discount in my opinion. I usually go for 2 years so I kept the same time period😊

I got my Samsung on 18 month exchange, I could have gone longer but I got my phone at a great deal so instead of paying the full monthly price I pay half and I get an additional annual upgrade discount. So all in all I pay just 16 for my phone and 16 for warranty repair.

I’m paying £42 GBP for that I get unlimited calls n texts. 8gb data and I know on a three year contract most places do that a lot cheaper and greater data (not that I use more than about 2gb as all the rest I do via home wifi).

Did you preorder the S10+ ?

Yes and got the buds

Nice. Are you enjoying the buds? :clap:

They’re OK, but no more. No matter which gel inside, the left doesn’t fit so well. The “ambient” feature is nothing to tell anyone about! Maybe because I’m half dead… IDK? I do know, that it makes no difference, and I still have to remove the buds to hear, but when I do, they at least stop playing.

I’d love to get my hands on a Soundcore pair, and been trying for almost 2 years! lol

Woohoo I’m in the top two :ok_hand:t2:

lol too many systems out there lol

Or to little :thinking:

I’ve got a p30 pro, all of my apps aren’t on the home screen

one ui and windows 10