Podcasts - do you listen?

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. From a wide range of genres, below are a few of my regular visited ones (no particular order)

The General Banter
Joe Rogan
Stuff they don’t want you to know
True Geordie
Jaack Maates Happy Hour
Conspiracy Theories
My Dad wrote a porno

Don’t really listen to too many techie podcasts.

What do you all listen to?
I’m always up for giving new ones a chance.


TED Talks Daily is my go to when I get bored of music.
Quite varied discussion from some awesome speakers.

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I listen to a lot of techie podcasts! :rofl:
I like Smart Tech Today (fairly new), Mac Power Users, and Syntax.
I also really got into Blackout on a recent road trip, but I have yet to finish it!

Office Ladies
If you love the show The Office, then you’ll love this podcast

I like theatre for your mind, I have listened to this podcast like 20 times and it never gets old

TED Talks is always popular in China.:grin:

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