Official Anker Fan Swag Design Contest



We are communicating with the t-shirt production company and expect to finish all the printing work at the end of this month. Hope you will receive the special t-shirt in April.:hugging:


So do I @ikari04warrior ! Haven’t heard anything from @AnkerOfficial so maybe not. I made level 7 like hours after they announced the emails were out so I think I didn’t make the finish line in time.


I think it’s was said… When you become level seven, you pm Anker, and let them know…

You should have gotten a pm telling you, that your reached level 7, just reply to that.


I hope it was a good choice to pick L. I mean I’m just 6’ 2"


Did you try sending them an email? Just to clarify things


Send @AnkerOfficial a private message with your shipping address and t-shirt size.:grin:


Today I have received my T-shirt!!! THANK YOU ANKER!


Your designs were pretty good too :thumbsup:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Happy you got your t shirt


Still hoping there will be something with mona lisa on it :grin:


Did you notice, that back back back in the day, the Mona Lisa wasn’t that popular… Then an idiot stole it.

Suddenly it became Frances honour to find such a painting.

Afterwards it became a really famous painting that everyone wants to see!

I smell an old fashioned conspiracy :male_detective::mag_right::film_projector:


The Mona Lisa isn’t anything special :man_shrugging:. The quality of it is mediocre at best, and the lady isn’t especially beautiful…


I know I couldn’t paint it so I think that makes it kind of special


yeah, that’s why I have shared it, although I would be happier if my designs are on it… :stuck_out_tongue:


@AnkerOfficial I haven’t received my prize yet. Am I still a winner? :cry:


You didn’t get your shirt?


Oh sorry wrong thread. Meant for that gear decoration contest.


I’m happy too!


Solved it!:sunglasses: