[New Release] PowerExpand 8-in-1 | Anker's First Hub with Dual HDMI Ports Now Available!

Hmmm… now it seems that the max output is only 85W.

I used to use pine for my email and browse the web with links, I have been using linux over 20 years, for better or worse. My old expired Windows 7 laptop is already running Ubuntu, and it was easy.

But going through the process you are describing doesn’t sound fun to me anymore. If I had access to raspberry pis at these costs when I was 15-20 years younger, I would have been trying it for entertainment and productivity - now it just sounds like a headache.

I already have 4 RPis and use VNC to connect into those, but that is pretty much it, but these are used only for entertainment and networking, these have reduced my Windows PC usage considerably :smiley:

For work, it is still Windows 10, the dock station is limited on ports now, i did see and planning to do the thing you posted on one other thread of using RPi as a USB-C hub, just need to get some focus and time to work on it :wink:

Scale up vs Scale out.

A Windows 10 based system is a scale-up, you add more peripherals, and so run out of ports. You have one computer running all the apps, it calls for faster cpu, lots of RAM, etc.

Linux is more of a scale-out architecture, it becomes effectively free as old hardware doesn’t die it just runs Linux and as it ages runs less and less concurrent apps until it’s just running a media player and often it’s last purpose before a death is as a backup NAS server.

Cloud computing is also scale-out, just rent more VMs, it has the advantage of load balancers, DNS, auto-scale, etc and guess what… it’s mostly Linux (I’d say exclusively but someone would correct me).

I get why docking, I get why a many-port hub, it is though causing problems like you need Windows to work with all the displays. There are alternatives. Like why not have that browser doing non-work stuff on a separate display from a separate computer, then the corporate spyware doesn’t notice it.

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For work I have multiple pieces of software that require windows. So either a Windows base machine or a Windows VM - both need the power to be fairly focused in a single box. And that is multiple apps that interact directly, best with multiple monitors on the same box.

The tasks that can be offloaded to another computer aren’t big enough to really matter, but I have another computer with another monitor on my desk for things like that (plus being my NAS, etc) already.

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I could really use something like this for my Dell XPS. Now most laptops that are compact are coming with less and less USB A ports leading up to USB C only laptops. Kind of inconvenient not to have multiple ports! This would be fantastic!

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This would be perfect for me! i have two monitors for work and i hate using all the ports…

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I can’t wait for this to arrive at my door! I guess I’ll be investing in 2 new monitors!

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Did not know this would be so popular… Nice!

What device do you think this be driven towards? What it would perfectly complement?

MacBook Air, one of the lower end and this the dock to connect to power, two monitors, larger storage?

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I’m thinking this is more ideal for older and more powerful laptops (without Thunderbolt 3). Cheaper ones bog down with two monitors, even though it’s possible.

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is it out?

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Not just yet… Should be soon, though!

LOL, I received a message saying that this post had been flagged as spam!

FYI – @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell

I agree. Stop spamming this forum Josh! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Haha, if Anker would start announcing their own products, maybe I would!



Anker’s PowerExpand 8-in-1 is now available to order from amazon.com for $59.99 and should begin shipping on June 2.

Yeeeeeeees :fire:
Edit: nvm this is the wrong one :man_facepalming: :cry:

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Any updates on the other 8-in-1 Powerexpand

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Probably isn’t far behind! Should be a similar price.

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