Nebula’s Handy DIY Projector Screen Guide

Claro, first the fire burn the viewer’s legs.
They will escape.

BUT then the projector will be melting. :rofl:

So there might be the next improvement : Water AND FIRE proof projector.

Its a great DIY guide for Projector Screen from Ankerofficial,

everything is ready - Audience (my family), screen, movie to watch and Its Friday… only one item is missing… need a projector now :smiley:

I did this the other day with my capsule 2. No hurricane, just a little more rain than a sprinkle but somehow ended up without power for a day. Nebula saved my netflix marathon.

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The issue I ran into the other night while camping was the bugs attracted to the light. No amount of deet or citronella candles could deter this massive horde. Unfortunately it delayed my review for the Capsule 2 because I couldn’t get decent pictures.

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Very cool guide and the nice projector!

So yeah if any one has a way to deter bugs from the screen…

@Seth_Tutera Rub dryer sheets all over your screen, mosquitos and gnats hate the scent from it and tend to stay away. Si.ilarly you can rub Citronella on the screen as it does the same but is more effective.
You could also use tiki torches to repel the bugs away from your screen or area of viewing.

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I’ll try these out next time. Citronella candles didn’t have any impact so hopefully direct application will do the trick. Thanks @Tank

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Yea I tried Citronella candles and they just attracted more bugs because of the light. But actually putting it on the screen kept them away

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That’s indeed a very frustrating problem when creating an outdoor cinema. Hope these solutions that @Tank offered would help! Let us know which one works better. :grin:

Great projectors indeed